Jeff Perrett signs for MX Vice as Editor for Website and new Digital Monthly Mag!

MX Vice has taken its first step to becoming a major player in motocross and off road media. Former Dirt Bike Rider contributor and MOTO magazine Editor Jeff Perrett has accepted the position of Editor in Chief for MX Vice Website and Digital Magazine.
MX Vice was established in December 2010 by James Burfield and Mark Turner as an alternative outlet to what was already available to Motocross fans. The site aims to encourage people to take up the sport, provide cost effective e-commerce solutions for independent Motocross retailers and connect people who are interested in Motocross through its social media platform. The site has always been marketed as a website built by Motocrossers for Motocrossers.

James Burfield had this to say about Jeff Perrett’s appointment:

“Businesses are only as good as the people involved. If MX Vice is serious about becoming the UK’s biggest and best, then we need a leader to take us there and we are very fortunate to attain Jeff’s services.
From our first conversation about MX Vice I knew Jeff would be the perfect person to take MX Vice forward, his passion and enthusiasm for the sport is infectious and he has a habit of bringing the best out of the people working with him. I know the team cannot wait for 2012 to kick off and they are already busy working with Jeff on ideas to make the site and digital magazine a great read for motocross fans.
We have a solid strategy going forward, some targets to work to and we understand what our end goal is, which is quite simply to promote British Motocross and bring new people and businesses into the sport.”

Jeff Perrett had this to say about his recent appointment:

“I’m obviously happy to be involved and heading up this exciting MX Vice digital project because I believe in it, if I didn’t then I wouldn’t be doing it. It’s exciting, not only because I feel like British motocross needs the kind of people involved in MX Vice to keep driving it forward in a positive light, but also because, let’s be honest, the sport we love does get some flack with the ill informed general public at times, but I’m also looking forward to working on the website and the magazine from my own personal point of view. I love the creativity and to work with like minded people who share the same drive can make such a difference. As a motocross racer, you go on the track and give it all you have and that’s the attitude I’ll have towards MX Vice and I know we’ll have a team of people who’ll do the same because they care enough about it. Everyone at MX Vice wants to see British motocross improve so we’re going to do all we can to see that happen. Quite simply, it’s a passion for all of us, actually scrap that, it’s our life really isn’t it?  So we’re going to make the most of it like you should and we hope everyone will see that spill out on the website and in the magazine.”

Do you want to be part of the Vice Revolution?
MX Vice are on the look out for contributors across all levels. If you would like to report about your local club’s race meetings, submit pictures or even videos and then please get in contact with Jeff, James or Mark.

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