Injury Update: Petar Petrov

Petar Petrov was poised to make a step up this year, seeing as a handful of former winners vacated the MX2 class. An injury has already restricted his potential, however, as an ankle injury will sideline him for the foreseeable. The ligament was actually damaged at the LaCapelle Marival event two weeks ago, but Petrov was eager to attempt to ride this past weekend.

“Two weeks ago I injured my ankle at LaCapelle without even crashing, unfortunately, the ligaments were damaged and I had to rest for the last two weeks,” he explained in a press release. “I came here to try but I had a lot of pain and just couldn’t ride the way I want, and finally I crashed again. So we have decided to stop. I will fly back home to have more examinations and I will be back when I’m fit. I’m really sad but it is what it is; I want to stay positive, even if it’s not easy.”

It seems that Monster Energy KRT MX2 will not sign a replacement rider.

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: ConwayMX

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