Injury Update: Glenn Coldenhoff

Unfortunately, Glenn Coldenhoff was another MXGP rider that sustained an injury today. Although exact details are being kept under wraps at the moment, we can confirm that he sustained a knee injury. Also, Kay Coldenhoff (his brother) tweeted the following. So, we can be almost certain that he is out for the year.

@KayColdenhoff: So gutted right now, that was #mxgp 2014 season already. Let’s hope for a huge comeback next year! Love you bro.. #teamhoff

Update: 24/04/14, 09:29am

Glenn Coldenhoff has officially confirmed his injuries; he posted the following statement onto Instagram:

I had a huge crash yesterday. My lateral ligaments [have been] completely ripped off, and [I have sustained a] bone fracture as well! I will visit some doctors today and tomorrow, and then I will probably get surgery next week. I will be out for 4/5 months!

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