Hawkins Wins Phoenix Tools Premier Expert Open Championship

Last Saturday the final round of the 2013 Phoenix Tools Premier Motocross Championships took place at the prestigious Landrake Moto Parc in Cornwall and attracted nigh on a full entry with many wildcards including Brad Anderson and Sunny Thompson to name a few. Heavy rain had fallen prior to the meeting which made things a bit tacky to say the least for practice, but as the day progressed with the sun coming out the track was to dry and produced some really good racing.

In the Phoenix Tools Expert Open Championship class it was the Phoenix Tools Honda of Luke Hawkins who went in to the final round with a fair lead, but with double points on offer he could not afford any bad mistakes. In the opening race it was Kelvin Townsend on the St Blazey Suzuki with the best start, but he ran a bit wide at the first swooping right hander and through on the inside came the Team Green Kawasaki of young 16 year old Todd Kellett to head the pack. Wildcard Anderson onboard the Buildbase Honda was soon in to 2nd and had Hawkins all over him in 3rd with Hawkins getting pass a lap later and was now after Kellett, but the youngster is no chicken on a motocross track and held off Hawkins for several laps until lap 5 when Hawkins left his breaking later down one of the hills and shot through to take the lead. Andersonwas now starting to push and was soon to catch and pass Kellett as not to let Hawkins get away and soon closed the gap. Hawkins gave his all to hold on to the lead until 3 laps from the end when Anderson got the better traction out of a right hander and shot through on the inside and from there went on to take the win, Hawkins took 2nd to declare him the 2013 Champion with Kellett coming home a well deserved 3rd. In the second moto it was Hawkins from John May on the St Blazey Suzuki and the HPR Honda of Luke Hill with Andersonthere in 4th, but there were a few fallers including last years Champion on the Mx-Zone Suzuki Jamie Skuse and James Dodd. Hawkins was absolutely flying at the front and was powering away, Anderson was to move up into 2nd by the end of the opening lap and was in pursuit of Hawkins and was gaining all the time until lap 4 when Anderson went down hard after his front wheel washed out, however he remounted just ahead of Kellett and May to remain in 2nd spot, but he had no answer to Hawkins in this one who raced away from what looked a discomforted Anderson who soldiered on to take 2nd ahead of Kellett a close 3rd. In the last moto there was no Anderson who had been taken to Hospital which was later revealed that he had broken a bone in the back of his hand and will be in plaster for two months. It was Hawkins again with the best start from Hill and May and with a clear track in front of him Hawkins soon pulled away at the front. May was to move up in to 2nd passing Hill on lap 2 and up in to 3rd had come Skuse who was on a mission and Skuse was all over May who he passed a lap later and was giving his all to try and catch Hawkins at the front, but on lap 5 Skuse went down at the end of the whoops section which dropped him well down. Up in to 2nd had now come Townsend, but breathing all over him was Kellett desperate to get pass which he did in mid air over the big table top, but he wasn’t going to catch Hawkins who took the win with Kellett 2nd with Brad Cavill coming through to take 3rd.

In the Over 35 Championship class Championship leader Mark Wilde was a doubtful starter after picking up a serious foot injury at the last round, but he was there knowing that if he didn’t ride the Championship would be lost. In the opening race it was Jamie Deadman who had a blistering start and looked to be in a hurry as he eased away at the front from Wilde and Gavin Flagg. Flagg was all over Wilde for most of the race looking to get through, but Wilde didn’t give an inch and held strong to take 2nd behind Deadman who notched up his first race win this year with Flagg finishing 3rd. In the second moto again it was Deadman with the best start from Flagg and these two were to have a good battle in the early stages with Flagg eventually taking the lead on lap 3 and from there eased away to take the win, Jason Fraser came on strong towards the end to take 2nd just ahead of Wilde who took 3rd after a mistake from Deadman mid race. The last moto saw Wilde with the best start from Flagg and again there was a battle from the off between these two with Flagg eventually finding away pass Wilde on lap 3 to take the lead and literally went away to take the win, Wilde came home in 2nd to take the M D Racing Over 35 Championship and finishing in 3rd was Fraser after a long hard battle with Deadman.

In the over 40 Championship class it was Championship leader Steve Locke who dominated the first two races, but the best race was the last one after Locke had dropped it when leading and Justin Hawkins took over, but was pressured all the time by fellow Cornishman Roberts who was determined to get pass which he did after a slight mistake from Hawkins and it was Roberts who went on to take the win from Hawkins with Locke taking a comfortable 3rd and with it became 2013 M D Racing Over 40’s Champion.

In the over 50 Championship class Championship leader Keith Hanson was still suffering with a broken had which was still in plaster, but as with Wilde in the Over 35 class he was not going to give up the Championship that easy and was determined to ride. Well it was Hanson who had the early lead in the opening race, but was soon overhauled by his nearest rival in the standings Ian Nott who was to take the win, however the table was turned in the second moto as it was Hanson who took the win from Nott just holding off Simon Goodfellow, but in the last one there was only one winner from start to finish who was to become M D Racing Over 50’s Champion and that was Hanson.

In the Junior Championship class it was Jay Thomas who led going into the final round, but he knew that a DNF could cost him the Championship, so the pressure was on. In the opening race it was that young Whiz kid just 16 years of age Josh Gilbert who had the best start and was to set a staggering pace from the off. Josh Taylor was a man trying to keep pace with Gilbert early on, but Taylorwent down on lap 3 and up in to 2nd came Ty Kellett who literally had to settle for 2nd behind Gilbert who was well gone. In the second moto it was Ryan Williams with the best start from Gilbert, who wasted no time to get to the front and took Williams over the whoops section on the opening lap. Williams did keep within striking distance of Gilbert for the entire race, but it was Gilbert who took the win with Williams a close 2nd. In the last race Gilbert led from the off and was soon in cruse mode, Williams was there in 2nd, but a mistake on the opening lap saw him well down and it was Kellett now in 2nd with Thomas right in his wheel marks pushing for that 2nd spot which he took mid race. Gilbert went on to make it a hat trick of wins, but all eyes were on Thomas who finished 2nd and became 2013 Tyremarks Junior Champion.  


Phoenix Tools Expert Open Championship Race 1

1st Brad Anderson (450f Buildbase Honda) 2nd Luke Hawkins (450f Phoenix Tools Honda) 3rd Todd Kellett (250 Team Green Kawasaki) 4th Jamie Skuse (450f Mx-Zone Suzuki) 5th Brad Cavill (450f St Blazey Honda) 6th John May (450f St Blazey Suzuki)

Race 2

1st Hawkins 2nd Anderson 3rd Kellett 4th May 5th Cavill 6th James Dodd (450f TwoNineTwo/Burfield Creative/St Blazey Mx Honda)

Race 3

1st Hawkins 2nd Kellett 3rd Cavill 4th Kelvin Townsend (450f Gibbs Performance/St Blazey Mx Suzuki) 5th May 6th Dodd

Final Championship standings

1st Luke Hawkins 1577 Points (Champion) 2nd John May 1280 3rd James Dodd 1244 4th Jamie Skuse 1193 5th Kelvin Townsend 1006 6th Tom Moore 983

M D Racing Over 35’s Championship Race 1

1st Jamie Deadman (450f Compressed Air Systems Honda) 2nd Mark Wilde (450f S J Hodder/D W Racing Suzuki) 3rd Gavin Flagg (450f J A S Building Contractors Suzuki) 4th Jason Fraser (450f Fraser Racing Honda) 5th Rob Lewis (350f Tony Maunders Racing KTM) 6th Ben Rose (250f Rocket World Mx Kawasaki)

Race 2

1st Flagg 2nd Fraser 3rd Wilde 4th Deadman 5th Lewis 6th Mark Chamberlain (450f MVRD Honda)

Race 3

1st Flagg 2nd Wilde 3rd Fraser 4th Deadman 5th Chamberlain 6th Lewis

Final Championship standings

1st Mark Wilde 1549 Points (Champion) 2nd Gavin Flagg 1483 3rd Jason Fraser 1430 4thJamie Deadman 1364 5th Rob Lewis 1114 6th Rick Hanson 936

M D Racing Over 40’s Championship Race 1

1st Steve Locke (450f S J Hodder Honda) 2nd Justin Hawkins (450f Hawkins Construction Kawasaki) 3rd David Ford (350f Projuice KTM) 4th Wayne Gill (250f Suzuki) 5th Paul Ayres (450f Yamaha) 6th Mark Roberts (450f Alan Roberts Garage Honda)

Race 2

1st Locke 2nd M Roberts 3rd D Ford 4th Hawkins 5th Jason Roberts (450f Alan Roberts Garage Honda) 6th Alan Packer (250 Simpsons Yamaha)

Race 3

1st M Roberts 2nd Hawkins 3rd Locke 4th Ford 5th Gill 6th Ayres

Final Championship standings

1st Steve Locke 1206 Points (Champion) 2nd David Ford 1050 3rd Mark Roberts 926 4th Jason Roberts 816 5th Alan Packer 800 6thWayne Gill 782

M D Racing Over 50’s Championship Race 1

1st Ian Nott (450f S J Hodder/J R Racing Kawasaki) 2nd Keith Hanson (450f Hansons Garage Honda) 3rd Simon Goodfellow (????) 4th Steve Chugg (450f Honda) 5th Tim Hawkins (450f DirtbikeXpress Honda) 6th Paul Huggett (250f Define Lines Husq)

Race 2

1st Hanson 2nd Nott 3rd Goodfellow 4th Hawkins 5th Huggett 6th Chugg

Race 3

1st Hanson 2nd Goodfellow 3rd Nott 4th Hawkins 5th Huggett 6th Non Finisher

Final Championship standings

1st Keith Hanson 1017 Points (Champion) 2nd Ian Nott 981 3rd Tim Hawkins 725 4th Steve Chugg 641 5th Paul Huggett552 6th Tom Lowe 304

Tyremarks Junior Championship Race 1

1st Josh Gilbert (250f Bikesport Honda) 2nd Ty Kellett (450f S J Hodder/Rusty PT Kawasaki) 3rd Mitchell Lewis (????) 4th Jay Thomas (250f K J Services KTM) 5th Anthony Milliar (450f A T Motocross Honda) 6th Darren Toy (????)

Race 2

1st Gilbert 2nd Ryan Williams (450f A T Motocross KTM) 3rd Lewis 4th Kellett 5th Thomas 6th Josh Taylor (250f Gibbs Performance Suzuki)

Race 3

1st Gilbert 2nd Thomas 3rd Kellett 4th Lewis 5th Taylor 6th Williams

Final Championship standings

1st Jay Thomas 4435 Points (Champion) 2ndAnthony Milliar 4140 3rd Lewis Barfoot 4118 4thToby Harvey 3967 5th Ryan Williams 3955 6th Bradley Barfoot 3793

Junior B Race 1

1st William Ell 2nd Michael Green 3rd Brian Hutchings 4th Adam Ford 5th Josh Coker 6th Tom Cunningham

Race 2

1st Jack Griffiths 2nd Stuart Barfoot 3rd Ford 4th Liam Gooding 5th Ell 6th Paul Beale

Race 3

1st Jay Lewis 2nd Beale 3rd Gooding 4th Ell 5th Ford 6th Josh Coker

Junior C Race 1

1st Mike Macnamara 2nd Adrian Hatcher 3rd Julian Slee 4th Lewis Reeves 5th Adam Addicott 6th Mark Tillyer

Race 2

1st Ryan Hooper 2nd Macnamara 3rd Darren Brock 4th Tim Moran 5th Reeves 6th Dan Wood

Race 3

1st Hooper 2nd Macnamara 3rd Brock 4th Reeves 5th Moran 6th Wood

Words and Photos by Dave Rich

MX Vice Editor || 25

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