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The third GP of the season was raced on the very physical track of Valkenswaard, the Netherlands. Rui Gonçalves was forced to fight with a broken gear level in the first moto, yet gaining some GP points and finishing 13th. The second moto was solid riding and strong fight to the last round with finish of 8th place. Xavier Boog was lacking preparation due to his ankle injury and struggled a little bit towards the end of the motos with the physicality of the track. Boog finished 15th and 12th.
The race format was back to normal with two separate motos this weekend in Valkenswaard after oversea GPs with superfinals. The legendary Easter GP was raced on a very hard packed track due to cold temperatures. Almost icy conditions in the morning’s practice kept the riders on the alert. By the time of the first start the track started to soften and the ruts started to build.

The start of the first moto was good for both of the ICE1Racing riders, even though the starting positions 12th and 20th were challenging. Xavier Boog was able to break into the top ten for the early rounds of the first moto, however lost some ground towards the end.

“My preparation for the GP was affected by the ankle injury I had in the first GP in Qatar and on a physical track like here in Valkenswaard it affects the result. I had really bad arm pump in the first moto and I kept losing places”, commented Boog after the first moto which he finished 15th.

Rui Gonçalves faced a technical problem after the start in the first moto. Something hit to the gear lever and he was forced to ride the entire race on the third gear without shifting. Goncalves finished 13th.

“I wanted to have a few points, so I kept fighting,” commented Gonçalves.

Antonio Cairoli ITA (KTM) won the first moto, second was Evgeny Bobryshev RUS (Honda) and third was Ken de Dycker BEL (KTM).

In the second moto Gonçalves kept fighting to the last turn by passing Tommy Searle just before the finish line and finished 8th.

“I felt good through out the race and kept fighting, today it paid off”, satisfied Gonçalves continued.

Also Boog was able to fight a bit more in the second race, “second race was much better. Still I had to give in towards the end, but at least I was able to fight better in the first half of the race.”

Boog finished 12th. Ken de Dycker, BEL (KTM) holeshot the second moto and kept his lead to the finish. Second in the finish was team rider Antonio Cairoli, ITA (KTM) and third was Kevin Strijbos (Suzuki).

Next GP will be raced in two weeks at Arco di Trento, Italy on May 14th.

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