Dutch GP

Well…who expected that?

Jeffrey Herlings just  had a nightmare in the mx2 qualifying heat. A bad start eventually resulted in a big over the bar crash that saw him get stuck under the fence.

Herlings received outside assistance so was immediately disqualified after the race despite coming back to tenth.

But there was still a Dutch winner! Glenn Coldenhoff took the win after holding off Romain Febvre all race. Jake Nicholls was a fine third after pressuring the leading duo all race long.

Max Anstie was fourth but surprisingly didn’t have the pace of the top three, Max has to find some speed for tomorrow because those guys rode away from him.

Elliot Banks-Browne was the next best Brit with eleventh with Graeme Irwin 21st and Mel Pocock 22nd.

James Dunn had just passed Graeme Irwin for 21st only to crash on the last lap but Dunn is starting to get to grips with the GPs.

A lot of people say the mx2 class is weak but that just isn’t true…everyone is on it here evidenced by only one Brit in the top twenty!

In mx1 Cairoli took a predictable win but Ken De Dycker gave him a bit of shock when passed him early on only for AC to reel Ken back in and take the lead and then the win.

De Dycker was impressive and has some blistering sprint speed…for a while it looked like 2008 all over again when Ken won both motos with ease.

Desalle was third but just about held off Paulin, Bobby,  Van Horebeek and Roelants.

Both Van Horebeek and Roelants look like they finally  belong in mx1 with Van Horebeek in particular looking really good in his first full race in not held back by his finger injury.

Tommy Searle went down at the start and rode well to come back to 14th while Shaun Simpson was strong all race for eleventh.

The mx1 race is difficult to watch purely because there are so many top names in the race you just don’t know where to look!

Just like the UK it’s cold here. So cold it started to snow briefly during the mx2 race! The weather is also affecting the track as the usually sandy surface is harder than normal resulting in a fast but fairly one lined course.

Erick Eggens flew the two stroke flag finishing 22nd mx1. It was cool to hear the raspy bark of the Yamaha in the sand!

The women produced a fantastic qualifying race with a three way battle for the lead but in the first moot proper it was defending champ Fontanesi with a run away win. In second was impressive Aussie Rutledge and Natalie Kane im close pursuit. Kane then over jumped the finish line  and the jarring impact made her settle for third.

Riders comments :

Antonio Cairoli -It was a good race my start was perfect. I was leading and I know ken is the fastest mx1 contender on this track. I am looking forward to tomorrow and I hope the track is softer with more lines and ruts. It feels like a first GP it’s nice to come back on this track, in the last 5 or 6 years I have been on the podium.

Glenn Coldenhoff – It was great. I took the holeshot and rode my own race, I took a lot of pressure but I stayed relaxed and won my first heat.

Jeffrey Herlings  – It isn’t fair I got disqualified , my head was under the fence and someone took the bike off my leg but I couldn’t stop them. Tomorrow I start almost from the canteen I am so far  outside! I am looking for a better day tomorrow. This track is so flat it’s like speedway and impossible to pass. I know I can win tomorrow but if I go down it will be difficult so I need to stay on two wheels.

Jeremy Van Horebeek – I have been working hard after Thailand. It is difficult to accept being back in the pack. I just need more physical endurance. I finished sixth on the wheel of bonbreyahev, I could keep the pace, I hope I can do the same tomorrow.

Article by Jonathan McCready

MX Vice Editor || 25

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