Dan Thornhill – Red Bull Pro Nationals Rookie Champion

This weekend came to be one of the biggest and important weekends of my life.  Making sure everything was perfect all week we set off to Culham Motopark for the seventh and final round of the Redbull Pro Nationals Championship; to chase a dream.

On arrival at the track, once again it was prepared immaculately and I felt so excited to get out there and see what Ii could do.  Qualifying went well, I set a lap time that slotted me in 4th position with the top 5 within milliseconds of each other, the weekend was set for some solid racing.

With the nerves kicking in I felt relieved when the gated dropped for the first Moto of the weekend. Gating good within the top 3 I settled down and did what I needed to do,  picking off  second position near the end of the Moto and pushing for the lead I rode safe to extend the Championship Lead.

Moto 2;  was again almost identical to Moto 1, gating within the top 3 I again bided my time and pounced at the end to finish another solid second position at the flag..

Moto 3; wasn’t quite as smooth as the first two not gating as good as the others I still managed to ride hard with plenty of thought, I hung out for 4th at the chequered setting me up for the final days racing and maybe the championship title in the following race.

Before I knew it I was up and out of bed with one sight in Moto 4, and that was to take the Championship we have all worked hard for.  Gating solid within the top 5 I moved into 4th and set on moving forward.  Before I knew it the two guys in front slipped up and I found myself moving into 2nd position in the race.  Feeling up for winning I pushed as hard as I could to take the win, but with 2 laps to go I thought better and rode a consistent two laps to bring home the 2013 Rookie Championship and second position at the chequered.

Feeling super relaxed and more relaxed after taking the Championship in the previous race I wanted to go out with a bang!  Taking a solid start to the fifth and final race of the weekend I found myself hitting the first Redbull leap in the driver’s seat leading the race.  Battling for the lead for the first half I felt good on the bike and was enjoying a super intense battle.  With an unfortunate red flag  due to a riders injury the race stood so I had to settle for a solid second position and with that the overall win for the weekend.

It feels so good to not only to take the overall win but the Redbull Rookie Championship title also.  With big celebrations at the end; it’s a dream come true to be writing this report saying that I have become the Champion.  After a lot of hard work from my family, friends and sponsors, I am just so happy to add another Championship Title to my CV.

When your reading this report which goes out to all you important people that have made this possible for me.  Part of this championship belongs to your for all your help and support this season. Thanks again!!

MX Vice Editor || 25

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