CJMX Report

CJMX arrived to a sunny but chilly morning at Chippenham Wild Tracks, Signing on got under way and was all ready to start practice by 10am.

First out on the track were the open class Brad O’leary had a flying start, Dominating with all three race victories ahead of Matt Porter and Scott Bates, Matt got two seconds and a third with Scott taking two 3rds and a second. Matt Grabbed the holeshot in race two.

Myles Duffy was on top form in the seniors he went home with 1-1-1 Gareth Artus battled his way to second overall with Fraser Gardiner in third. in the second race Josh Bishop had a cracking start receiving the holeshot prize.

The Fast AMX lads were next on the line all three race wins went to Dan Thornhill who shown some fast consistent racing battling with Jack Gardner who got second overall ahead of Jake Lord in third place podium position, Darren Webster also had a great performance throughout the day in fourth. Tom Rudd grabbed the holeshot in race two of the AMX group.

Mitchell Warhurst had a flier of a race getting 3 out of 3 finish flags. Nathan Harlow took second and third spot on podium went to Kyde Marlow. The holeshot prize went to Tommy Pittaway.

In the Small Wheels Ryan Allison finished the day with three wins, Ross Innocent got second overall ahead of Dylan Spencer who had a brilliant start grabbing the holeshot prize in race two also getting himself third overall at Chippenham.

Drew Kemp got the overall in the Juniors ahead of Tai Elvin-Andrews in second also winning the holeshot goodie bag in race two. Tyler Birkumshaw took last spot on podium. fourth went to Joshua Main.

Tyler Etheridge was top rider in the Autos who rode superb in all three races,Tylerwent home with 1-1-2 which got him the overall, Riley Harrison in second. Third place went to Max Langdell. Holeshot prize went to Bayliss Utting.

Many thanks to the riders, their families, the Officials, First Aid and marshals at chippenham.

All Auto’s received an award with Top 6 Trophies for Junior to Open Class plus Top 3 adult groups receiving prize money.

Top 3 in all groups also received a Prize Bag kindly donated by Pro-Green MX

Next Meeting is on the 17th March at Stratford for the 4th CC / Qualifier + 1st Vets Championship.

Auto’s: 1 Tyler Etheridge, 2 Riley Harrison, 3 Max Langdell, 4 Kayde Rayns, 5 Arai Elcock, 6 Kyle Ingram.

Juniors: 1 Drew Kemp, 2 Tai Elvin-Andrews, 3 Tyler Birkumshaw, 4 Joshua Main, 5 Rupert Graver, 6 Cameron Haywood.

Small Wheels: 1 Ryan Allison, 2 Ross Innocent, 3 Dylan Spencer, 4 Kieran Ryan, 5 Harry Phillips, 6 Harry Peck.

Big Wheels: 1 Mitchell Warhurst, 2 Nathan Harlow, 3 Kyde Marlow, 4 Charlie Caldwell, 5 Tommy Pittaway, 6 JC Verdugo.

Seniors: 1 Myles Duffy, 2 Gareth Artus, 3 Fraser Gardiner, 4 Daniel Neale, 5 Lewis Dowdeswell, 6 Charlie Sutton.

AMX: 1 Dan Thornhill, 2 Jack Gardiner, 3 Jake Lord, 4 Darren Webster, 5 Richard Gray,
6 Rob Johnson.

Open Class: 1 Brad O’Leary, 2 Matt Porter, 3 Scott Bates, 4 Chris Wright, 5 Brad Doyle, 6 Dean Birkumshaw.

Report: Jemma Lavender
Photos: Jemma MX Photos

MX Vice Editor || 25

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