Joe Cadwallader is a 17-year-old from Oswestry, Shropshire. He races in the MX Nationals and British Championship MXY2.



Matt Singer

MX Vice: How has the last year gone?

Joe Cadwallader: It’s been a lot of up and downs, started the year not finishing a race out of the first 2 Maxxis rounds! Then I managed 10th overall at Leuchars with was my best result in Maxxis. After that i got 6th overall at MX Nationals and won 2 rounds of the Bridgstone BSMA.

How do you find the bike that you’re on?

Started off on a standard bike then we got the bike tuned by Evo Tech and loved it! Suspension was a big part of this year with not getting on with it at the start then doing loads of testing and it started getting better with the help of Mark from Evo Tech!

What series’ are you doing in 2017?

Next year we will be doing the MX Nationals and the Maxxis with a few BYN.

Have you set your goals for this year?

Goals will be to get in the top 5 this year in both championships!



Charlea Hanscomb

Did you feel like you made a lot of progression last year?

I have made a lot of progression on speed and confidence when on the practice track but struggled taking it to racing.

Do you ride much during the week?

With being on the RMJ Pro Academy we train on the bike 1 or 2 times a week depending on what racing is coming up.

What was the best track for you last year and why?

Best track for me is Duns in Scotland, it was so fun and wasn’t many hard pack tracks in the calendar and i enjoy riding hard pack tracks!

Is there anyone you would like to thank for the help throughout the last 12 months?

RMJ mostly for everything he’s done for me, Husqvarna UK, Rock oil, Fox Europe, Dirtpro and Evo Tech.



Charlea Hanscomb

Interview: Matt Singer | Photos: Matt Singer & Charlea Hanscomb

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