ACU Statement regarding British Youth National date clash

Contrary to a number of recent statements issued by another Promoter, the ACU Motocross Committee would like to make it absolutely clear that the clash of dates with this weekend’s British Youth Nationals event at FatCat and the Red Bull Pro National event at Canada Heights was NOT instigated by the ACU.

Roy Barton of the MCF was invited onto the stand at the 2011 Dirt Bike Show to look at the British Youth National dates, which were published at that time. It was confirmed at the time that the Red Bull event would take place at Whitby on the weekend of 11th/12th August with a possible visit to Mill in Holland, pencilled in for the first weekend in August and would NOT form part of their National series.

Whilst this unfortunate situation has arisen due to the MCF changing their date and venue for a round of their series, the ACU agrees that each rider should be given the choice of where to ride. However, equally, the ACU has engaged with a valued Promoter to enhance the British Youth National Series over a period of time and therefore must protect their interest.

It is for this reason that it is necessary to sanction riders who do not support a Championship that they signed up for at the start of the season.

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