5 Minutes with: Steven Frossard

Steven Frossard has had a very tough start to the season aboard his Wilvo Forkrent KTM, after fighting through various niggling injuries. However, there was a glimmer of promise at Lyng when he finished third in moto one, although he then hurt his finger in the very next race. We caught up with the French import following the event…

MX Vice: Steven, talk us through your day. It seemed to be a little up and down…

Steven Frossard: It was a difficult day for me. This morning it was difficult to make a good lap time, so I finished seventh. I didn’t have a good place on the gate, so it was difficult to make a good start. But in the first moto I made a very good start, I was third. To finish third without crashing was not too bad. In the second moto I crashed on the first lap, because someone crashed into me, and I twisted my finger. It was difficult for me to continue, so I stopped. In the final moto I was seventh or eighth, it was difficult to come back but I pushed. I made some mistakes and, with my finger, it was very difficult.

You’ve obviously only done two rounds of the Maxxis British Championship, but what do you think of the tracks so far?

The dirt here is very nice. It’s not sand, but sandy. At the first round the track was not so bad, a little bit too sharp and also tight. But today the track was very perfect and very bumpy like the world championship, so it was nice training.

Going into Trentino, your next race, what are your thoughts? Do you like it there?

Yeah, I’ve had some good races there. It’s difficult to say, it’s very slippery and you really need a good start. If you’re in front you can make a very good race. So I’ll need to have a good start, but I’m sure I can do a good result.

Is the goal at the moment for you to just improve each week in each of these championships?

Yeah, for the moment it’s okay. Now we have one weekend off, so it’s nice. When you have a race every weekend it’s difficult, and it’s only the beginning of the season. Also with the jet lag, it’s difficult to come back with a five hour difference.

A lot of people don’t get to see that side of what you go through, with the travelling, time changes etc…

Yeah, we did Argentina and then got back on Tuesday night, so it was late. On Wednesday we were so tired, so I did just one training through the week. With the sleep it was difficult…

Image: Wilvo Forkrent KTM

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