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For the first time this season, Wilvo Forkrent KTM rider Matiss Karro took control of the MX2 standings at FatCat this past weekend. It is hardly surprising, as he has seemingly had the speed all year long, but he has attempted to ride smarter in recent weeks. It is clearly working out for him! We caught up with Matiss following FatCat to get his thoughts on his dominant performance.

MX Vice: It has been a great day for you – it couldn’t have been any better.

Matiss Karro: Yeah, to get three wins out of three was awesome. I was expecting this already at the beginning of the season, but I had bad luck all the time with crashes, and didn’t think about my riding and myself. But now, I got it done and I’m leading the championship, which I’m happy with. I have quite a good point lead, and there are still two rounds left to go – it should be good.

MX Vice: You and Mel have been neck and neck all year, and there has not been a clear-cut favourite. But, it seems like you have taken control of the series now.

Matiss Karro: Yeah, I rode clever this weekend. Ben Watson was good and got two holeshots, but I was clever. Like all season I wanted to pass him on the first lap, but today I was like ‘you can go and I’ll look at your lines, see where you make mistakes and where I am faster than you.’ That is what I used to pass him; I felt really good, pulled a little gap and won with a good lead – he didn’t push me. In the second race I messed up with the backmarkers on the last two laps and then he was really close at the finish, but I was quite confident during the rest of the race.

MX Vice: Have you been looking forward to this round all year, because you’re looked at as a bit of a sand specialist?

Matiss Karro: Not really, I know that I like this track. I have got good fitness, so I knew that this would be a good weekend for me. But, I enjoy all of the other tracks also. Cusses Gorse is coming up, which is a really nice track; I’ve been there a couple of times. Foxhill also – there are big hills, and it is sketchy. I did not like it in the past, but now I’m starting to enjoy it. There are no problems – there are no favourite tracks for me. I just need to keep going each weekend with consistent results, no crashes and no mistakes.

MX Vice: Speaking of Cusses Gorse, how do you think it will be to race on? Some people are worried it will be a bit one lined.

Matiss Karro: Yes, it will be. But it’s hard pack, and Justin Barclay knows how to prepare the tracks – I think it will be good. I hope that he will rotovate and water it really good. There are big jumps up and down the hills, so it should be good racing.

MX Vice: Switching to the GPs quickly, you had a top ten at the GP of Finland, so that seems to be coming around too.

Matiss Karro: Yeah, in the GPs also I just need to get two good motos, because all the time I have one good and one bad, which messes up my overall. Now, you know, I spent some time at home to relax and reset my mind. I feel much more confident, an am trying to think more in the races.

MX Vice: What are your goals for the final GP rounds? Do you want to get comfortably in that top ten each week?

Matiss Karro: Yeah that is always the highest goal for me, but I want to finish both motos good with no mistakes. There are still four rounds coming up, and I want to have good results. I’m top fifteen in the championship; maybe I can still get a couple of places higher? I don’t know. I want to enjoy every weekend and get the best results now.

MX Vice: Finally, can you tell us anything about next year? Will you be back with your current team?

Matiss Karro: [Laughs] that stays with me!

Interview: Lewis Phillips

Image: Stefan Paetow

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