5 Minutes: Jake Eouzan

We all know that motocross is a gruelling sport and physically drains everything out of you, but that is why Jake Eouzan’s story is pretty remarkable. He has been riding with an incurable illness with the unpronounceable name of Myalgic Encephalopathy Chronic fatigue syndrome or, otherwise known as, ME/CFS.

Here is a little fact that you might not know about ME/CFS. The GOAT, Ricky Carmichael, actually had it. In 2007, a couple of weeks after the Motocross of Nations, Carmichael was diagnosed with this illness. Now it didn’t affect his whole career, as doctors believe it is was bought on by his intense training and racing along with the birth of his newborn twins at the time. It just goes to show that it can happen to anyone, no matter if you’re a pro or not.

We caught up with Jake to discuss his illness and how it impacts both his day-to-day life and also his riding.

MX Vice: First of all, tell us what ME/CFS is.

Jake Eouzan: Yeah, so CFS just makes me really tired. I will sometimes wake up in the mornings still tired and I just don’t have much energy, it will feel like I haven’t slept. It also affects my joints as they tend to ache a lot and makes me feel drowsy a lot of the time.

How does it impact your riding?

Well, in between every race I feel real tired and I just want to go to sleep. My joints hurt, not just aching from the race, I feel a bit more pain than usual. Another side effect is headaches, which I also suffer from.

When did you first realise that something was wrong?

I was first diagnosed with the illness in the August of last year. Its something that they haven’t found a cure for yet, which sucks a bit.


Jake is starting to get used to the more powerful 125.

Matt Singer

So your moving up to the 125cc, how are you finding it?

Yeah I like it. I’ve only rode it a few times, but I’m really enjoying it as it suits my height better and its much faster. The only thing that I haven’t got used to yet and that I miss from my 85 is that I can’t throw it around as much, but I’m sure I will be able to do that soon.

What are your plans for 2017?

I’m going to be racing in the Judd racing series again – that’s moved to the ACU, which is cool. It’s now classed as a British Championship. I also plan to race some AMCA races and the plan is to be able to compete in the AMCA championship, but I think I have to move up through the ranks first so, yeah, that is the plan.

What will you be doing through the off-season?

Well, we’ve just started fishing again so we will be doing a lot of that when we’re not riding. That still tires me out though, especially when we’re night fishing. I don’t have much energy the next day.

 Interview: Scott Gower | Images: Matt Singer

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