We need you! Want to be part of MX Vice?

We are growing rapidly and our tight knit crew that has been behind the growth have been flat out for the past 16 months. We’re looking for a few people who have a very unhealthy interest in Motocross, so if this is you then we should talk. You don’t have to be from the UK, we are looking for contributors all over the World.

Elliot, Lewis and Jonathan all started out as unpaid contributors and are all now full time employees, all started out at the bottom helping out and worked there way into a job. Interestingly there was no positions to fill! Those guys created their own jobs and gave us a reason to employee them because they are fantastic at what they do and are just as passionate about MX Vice as they are Motocross!

You will be likeable, keen, honest, ethical, opinionated, talented and love Motocross…and I mean really love Motocross. If you have one eye on a full time position with MX Vice then you really need to give a reason for us to employ you. If you are just looking to get involved on the other side of the fence whilst still being a fan and holding down a full time job, we have room for you too. We are looking for Journalists, Photographers, Videographers, Social Media and website updaters of all levels, willing to cover their local amateur race in the UK through to professional people covering pro events and their own national series around the World.

We are genuine fans who get to interview and talk to the people we cheer on over the fence, we are also able to talk and promote the next generation of kids coming through. Most of us in MX Vice ride, but not very well…apart from some contributors called Elliot Banks Browne and Adam Sterry!

This is the part that sucks… at the moment we have no budget to pay people, contributors would be unpaid until we have some more financial support from new advertisers. Still interested, read on:

If you want to chat to any of the team about whats involved then give us a shout. [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected]

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