2012 International Six Day Enduro, Saxony, Germany

Team Manager’s report

With the dust having settled on this year’s ISDE, team manager Dusty Martin has taken the opportunity to review the successes of the ACU GB ISDE team and to look forward to the 2013 ISDE to be held on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia.

ACU GB ISDE Team Manager, Dusty Martin: “First off I’d like to again say ‘well done’ to all our riders this year. For all to finish and to all finish on gold is a unique occasion and certainly reflects the level of preparation and organisation that the riders and supporters brought to the event.

“To finish second in the Junior competition is fantastic, but special mention must also be made of Paul Edmondson gaining a record 18th ISDE gold in what he has said will be his last ISDE as a rider. Truly an outstanding achievement. Paul says he’s looking forward to helping future generations of British ISDE riders so we look forward to working with him over the years to come.

“A huge appreciation as well must go to our volunteer helpers. For manning the checks (and so much more) regulars Jack and Vera, Ted and Daph, Oakie, Nev and Jude and new recruit Tony Altass. All the guys and girls from the club team crews that helped out. Carl Bale, Rudy and Ryan Austin and all the riders’ mechanics for help in the work area. Justin and crew for the outriding. Kathryn for her kitchen skills and Marnie for helping her out. Ted and Avril Bartlett for booking and arranging all the hotel requirements. Allyson for putting up with me during my stress moments. All the riders personal sponsors. Parents of all the riders, most probably their best sponsor! Jon Bentman for the press releases and Facebook updates. Dave May Miller for everything he does, too much to list. And finally to the Army lads, who load, unload and drive the team trucks.

“I would also like to thank the team sponsors. Kriega (, Rygor Commercials (, Power Enhancer (, Enduro Extreme magazine (, D-zign( and Ryan Austin for the riding shirts.

“The 2013 ISDE will be held in Sardinia, September 30 to October 5 – we welcome all those who want to get involved or would like to sponsor the team. Let’s carry on the success!”

2012 International Six Days Enduro – Saxony, Germany – September 24-29, 2012

The 87th ISDE, this year known also known as the Red Bull Six Days in deference to the title sponsor, will attract more than 500 of the best enduro riders from all over the world to race over 1000km of off-road terrain in the Saxony region of Germany. The event is a teams competition with over 30 countries represented in the two key categories: the premiere Trophy class for national teams of six riders, and the Vase for national ‘junior’ (under-23) teams of four riders. The ISDE has a 99-year history, stretching back to 1913 when it was first held in Carlisle, England. Britain holds the record of the most Trophy wins (16).

2012 International Six Day Enduro, Saxony, Germany

Final results


1 France
2 Australia +37:40.67
3 Italy +47:54.09
8 Great Britain +1:28:51.95


1 France
2 Great Britain +2:43.68
3 USA +15:06.02


20 Danny McCanney +12:48.66
28 Jordan Rose +15:52.27
31 Alex Rockwell +17:03.26
41 Jamie McCanney +19:10.68
46 Jack Rowland +21:10.82
53 Tom Sagar +22:26.53
58 Jason Thomas +23:05.66
69 Paul Edmondson +27:13.45
71 Steve Holcombe +27:59.39
79 Lee Edmondson +31:26.00


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