20 Words: Ricky Carmichael

20 laps. 20 words. 20-Word Association with Monster Supercross “In Our Time Legend” Ricky Carmichael

GOAT: The word is very flattering. I’m not sure if it fits me as it’s a little bit on the cocky side.

Jeff Emig: Jeff is one of my best friends. He is a great mentor and he is someone who is a lot of fun.

MX or SX: Both when they’re going good and neither when they’re not going good.

Florida: It’s home. Florida is close to the beach and has some rolling hills. Simply stated, Florida is just home to me.

California: I have a lot great friends in California. I enjoy the weather by the coast. It’s not too bad of a place.

Baseball: Baseball was my first love. If there is any other sport that I’d like to be involved in it would be baseball.

FMX: I think freestyle motocross is fun to watch. I don’t like the risk that they have to take. FMX has done a lot for motorcycling, in general.

Winning: Nothing better than winning. All the sacrifices you make to do that makes it all worthwhile.

Losing: Losing – that word is very frustrating and humbling. We try not to make a habit of losing.

NASCAR: I like NASCAR. It was a great journey for me. Would do it again in a heartbeat. It’s a great sport.

Kyle Busch: The guy has a ton of talent and people love to hate him

Music: I’m a big fan of music. I think it brings out the fun in people. It’s a permanent fixture of having a good time.

Monster Girls: Monster Girls. After a while they start blending in and they look the same.

Dirt Shark: I still haven’t figured out the Dirt Shark thing, yet. I do like the creator of it.

MotoGP: I have a tremendous amount of respect for MotoGP riders and the sport. It’s crazy how fast that they go.

Valentino Rossi: Nothing much more to say other than the greatest of all time and truly a hero.

Chad Reed: I’m a big fan and I hope he can fulfill his note in racing and ends on a great note.

Adam Cianciarulo: The verdict has yet to be determined for me. A lot of moving parts. It will be interesting to see if he can live up to all the hype. It’ll be fun to see the outcome.

Ryan Villopoto: When I think of him, I think of determination. Desire. Hard working. Ryan will do anything to win.

James Stewart: Still one of the fastest men ever to race supercross and motocross. Unbelievable how fast he still is.

Ken Roczen: Fans favorite. Stylish. Just a fun kid.

Favorite Motorsport: I’m a fan of all motorsports – across the board.

GPMX: I have a lot of respect for the guys who race GP, but it’s a totally different world than what ‘ve been exposed to in my career.

Favorite Action Sport: Any event on the Mega Ramp at the X Games.

Kids: Oh man. When you become a father to a child it gives life a new perspective.

Getting Older: Getting older is scary and has its challenges.

Daytona: Oh, when I think of Daytona I think of a lot of racing history and I’m glad to say I’ve been a winner there.

RCU: Ricky Carmichael University is something very cool and innovative. It’s a one and only as much as everyone tries to copy it.

Words: Eric Johnson

Image: James Lissimore

MX Vice Editor || 25

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