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Insight: Malcolm Stewart

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Malcolm Stewart is one of the most popular guys in the sport and attracts attention wherever he goes, which makes it even more surprising that he has had such a quiet and underrated start to 2020 Monster Energy Supercross. Stewart has been consistent across the first two rounds – despite a huge practice crash this week – and sits eighth in the 450SX standings. All of those talking points are covered in this exclusive MX Vice interview from St. Louis, Missouri.

MX Vice: This is kind of similar to Anaheim 1 in a way, I guess. Quiet, but solid.  

Malcolm Stewart: Yeah. A lot better than A1 to kick off. I just felt like I rode better. It was a long week for me. I guess I would say for me it was just that I rode really good. The practice went okay and then heat race was really good. The main event we just had a freight train going. It was me, [Justin] Brayton, [Eli] Tomac, [Zach] Osborne… [Justin] Hill was right behind me. It was all kinds of carnage out there. I am pumped, because I got off to a really good start. For me it is really just about capitalising on some little mistakes, but I eliminated a lot of them. I think that’s what put me sixth – I’m happy with it.



Sean Ogden

Going back to before this weekend, I hear you had a pretty good practice crash this week.

Yeah. I had a rough one. That’s what makes it a long week. I didn’t do any riding all week, so I’m sore right now.

How bad are we talking? Talk us through it.

It was a pretty good one. It was a pretty good banger. The good news is I showed up. I raced. Even a little beat up I still managed to go out here and get sixth. In my mind I was like, “I’m going to give it everything I have got for twenty minutes.” I’m happy with it. 

Round two obviously claimed you a year ago, so is this a bit of a mental block to get past this one? In a way, you can move on with the year as you are supposed to now. 

I don’t even look back at what happened to be honest. People ask me all the time. Somebody asked me earlier and said, “This is round two. Last time at round two you got hurt.” I was like, “That was a whole year ago, bro. Chill.” It is just right here – I am just hitting my marks. We are here and racing. We are just going to do everything we can to keep moving forward. Now we have got fifteen more races to go. 

What did you think of the track this weekend? It was pretty technical. The whoops played to your favor in the heat race at least. I thought it was a pretty good track for you. 

St. Louis is one of my favorite tracks. The dirt is so good. This is actually the best dirt on the circuit. It’s really good. It gets really good – nice ruts and stuff – but not too deep. I was really happy with it.



Sean Ogden

What was the trickiest thing to commit to in your mind, the quad over the table or the 2-3 after the finish? Was it actually something else? 

Just not being hurt and trying to ride. That was my biggest conquer. I showed up today and I didn’t know if I was going to ride.

It has been a consistent start to the season. Are you happy? Can you stand here and be pleased with what you have done or are you kind of wanting more?

I was happy with the way I rode that one. I went out there and we raced. It was a good, a solid race and just a confidence builder for me. I even saw third. I ended up getting sixth, but I still saw third right there. Good for me. That’s just a good confidence builder. I am happy with the way that my bike is and I got a better start. That’s the way I can end it, really.

Interview: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Sean Ogden


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