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Injury Update: Max Nagl

We have received confirmation from HRC that Max Nagl broke his right scaphoid, and fractured his left metacarpal, in a crash whilst training yesterday. Fortunately, his ribs checked out okay. The German will have surgery tomorrow, and will then begin his road to recovery. Interestingly, he hopes to return for Maggiora, which seems very soon – scaphoid injuries have been troublesome for many riders in the past.

The full PR from the team can be found below:

After a full medical examination following yesterday’s crash whilst testing in Eersel, Holland, Max Nagl has been confirmed with a broken scaphoid in his right hand and a slight metacarpal fracture in his left hand. His ribs are sore but there is no damage to the bones.

Max will undergo surgery to his scaphoid tomorrow in Belgium. He is initially setting his sights on a return to action at the MXGP of Italy in Maggiora, 14-15 June, although at this point it is difficult to predict the speed of recovery 

During the test, Max was one of several MXGP riders to be involved in a crash as they crested a jump to find an amateur rider crashed on the landing. Unsighted before the jump, and with no marshals or yellow flags to warn of the danger, Max was unable to take avoiding action and landed heavily on the two bikes already on the ground.

Honda and Team HRC stand fully by Max in his recovery, and wish he and all involved riders a full and fast recovery.

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