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Injury Update: Kristian Whatley

Onlookers were alarmed at Canada Heights, as Kristian Whatley lost control in a high-speed section and hit a marshal point. The impact was severe and Whatley received urgent medical attention, hence why the first MX1 moto ended prematurely and there was a delay in the programme.

An official statement regarding the injury that was sustained has not yet been released, but all signs point towards a broken femur. ‘227’ underwent surgery on Monday and then released the following statement. “Operation is done,” he wrote. “Wound has to stay open due to a swollen blood clot. Hopefully get stitched up over the next few days.

Sean Burrows, the team manager at Apico Husqvarna, offered up some thoughts in the team’s press release. “Today has been a rough day for the team; Kristian was looking good on track and has been going well lately, but then had a big crash in the opening race and has gone to the hospital with a broken femur. We went to wish him all the best and a massive get well soon.

Whatley currently sits ninth in the championship standings and had a season-best finish of fifth in the first moto of the year at Culham.

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: ConwayMX

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