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Injury Update: Gautier Paulin

Rumours that Gautier Paulin had sustained a hand injury were running rampant along the Qatari pit lane this past weekend, especially once his race results didn’t reflect his form in practice. However, HRC’s Roger Harvey confirmed post-race that there is no injury to speak of. This obviously isn’t news to you, if you have already listened to our post-race podcasts, but if not here’s what Roger had to say…

“Somebody has been saying that. He came directly from America to here, and on the last day of training he went down. He hasn’t injured himself at all. Several people have said that to me and he is quite a secretive fellow, so I went up to him and said ‘hey, are you carrying an injury?’

“He said ‘no, I’m not carrying an injury, I just like roughed myself up a bit when I crashed, because I was practicing petty hard.’ He said that nothing was lasting or anything like that, so he’s okay.”

With there being no injury to speak of, most will be looking for Gautier to impress this weekend. His training in Florida will see him ready to handle the Thai heat and hopefully start to make up some of the ground that he lost at round one, thanks to a technical issue in moto two.

Words: Lewis Phillips | Image: Andrew Conway

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