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Injury Update: Dylan Walsh

Dylan Walsh had, by all accounts, a horrific crash at round one of the 2021 Michelin MX Nationals, which prompted a red flag to be thrown in the first ‘Fastest 40’ moto of the year. Fortunately, it sounds as though he has not sustained any broken bones. Walsh is extremely banged up though and is questionable for the third round of the Revo ACU British Championship, fuelled by Gulf Race Fuels, this coming weekend. Revo Seven Kawasaki’s Mark Yates explained his situation.

“Along the pit straight there was a load of rollers and he must have hit a kicker. We are talking 40mph, pinned in third on a 450. He was on the front wheel over two rollers with the throttle bouncing off the rev-limiter before he went over the bars and the bike drove him into the ground. The bike must have then gone another 30-feet down the track and ended up on the start straight. It’s totally, utterly destroyed. Fortunately, nothing’s broken but he’s got a haematoma and swelling from what the doctor said must have been a very heavy impact. He’s going to be very sore but he’s a tough lad.”

The battle for the MX1 title in the Revo ACU British Championship, fuelled by Gulf Race Fuels, is in tatters after just two rounds. Evgeny Bobryshev led after round one and then suffered a broken shoulder blade. The new series leader, Tommy Searle, also withdrew at the weekend with a mystery illness that zapped him of all energy. Walsh, who sits seven points behind Searle in the title race, then crashed the following day. All three riders are questionable for round three of the MXGB series at Canada Heights on Sunday.

The second rider on the new Revo Seven Kawasaki team, James Dunn, has not been seen in action since round one of the MXGB series, as he crashed and sustained muscle damage around his hip. Dunn is now back on the bike and easing back into things at local practice tracks.

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Ray Archer


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