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Injury Update: Dean Wilson

Unfortunately, Dean Wilson will not be in the fight for the 250MX title this year, as he injured his knee at Glen Helen. Dean posted the following statement on his Instagram account – there is currently no timetable on his return.

I’m so gutted and upset that my championship run is already over. I had two laps to go and had an error occur, which sent me tumbling down Mount St. Helens. I will come back from this, just super pissed off at this point. Thanks everyone for your kind messages and supportNot sure if it was foot-peg or what it was. It all happened so fast that I don’t remember. It was a hair from my artery that could have been bad, but all ligaments and tendons are fine – I just sliced my muscle a wee bit. So they cleaned it and sewed it up, now just stuck in this sh*t hospital with antibiotics on a drip so it doesn’t get infected. I hate hospitals – hoping to be out today. 

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