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Injury Update: Dean Wilson

Following a vicious crash at the opening round of Monster Energy Supercross, Dean Wilson met doctors yesterday to determine how bad the damage to his shoulder is. The results were good, thankfully, as no ligaments were torn. A bad contusion on his shoulder, which is the same as what Eli Tomac is dealing with, a strained rotator cuff, bone bruising and strained wrist was sustained in the fall. Wilson confirmed that on social media moments ago.

Seen [sic] the Dr. yesterday,” Wilson wrote. “The man upstairs was looking after me. Nothing torn I got very lucky. The MRI report is I got a bad contusion in my shoulder, a strained rotator cuff, bone bruising and also a sprained wrist. Dr. said my muscles in my shoulder are so beat up it is like someone took a meat hammer and battered them. So, anyways, I’m lucky nothing is torn. I will be doing therapy every day with @TeamDrG and doing everything in my power to be back. It is not likely I will make Houston, as I still cannot lift my arm up but I will just take it day-by-day. Thank you everybody for the get well wishes and prayers sent. I appreciate you all. We will be back. Thanks to all for sticking with me,” he concluded.

If Wilson does indeed miss Houston, which seems likely, then he should be ready for round three a week later. Once that is confirmed, we will update this post with more information.

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Husqvarna/Simon Cudby

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