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Injury Update: Cole Seely

After a short hiatus, Team Honda HRC’s Cole Seely made a return to action for round sixteen of the Monster Energy Supercross series in New Jersey before he was once again sidelined with a painful adductor. The Californian got off to a poor start in the main event, but by the completion of the first lap he had passed several riders to sit twelfth. He continued to mount an impressive charge, moving into sixth on lap thirteen. Unfortunately four laps later he cased a rhythm section, which ripped his feet off the pegs and aggravated his groin injury. Seely will visit his doctor at home for a prognosis.

Cole Seely: I’m frustrated with the way I rode tonight even before the injury, and now to be in the same situation is a huge bummer. I got a terrible start and, although I didn’t feel like I was riding well, I had worked my way up to sixth. I felt like I needed to find something on the track to go faster, so I tried to go three out at the end of a rhythm section and didn’t make it. I cased it, which ripped my feet off the pegs and hurt my leg again so I couldn’t hold onto the bike. That’s basically how I injured it the first time in St. Louis. Luckily it didn’t pop again, because that would mean it tore again, so hopefully it’s not that bad.

Words: Press Release | Lead Image: Honda Racing Corporation

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