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Injury Update: Bas Vaessen

Bas Vaessen has had a turbulent time of it since he first entered the professional ranks, as countless injuries have halted his progress. Collarbone issues have actually been the biggest problem that he has encountered and, unfortunately, those have got the better of him once again.

A statement from Honda Europe confirmed that Vaessen “re-injured his collarbone area,” after a collision in the first moto at Valkenswaard. “Initial scans were inconclusive but he will get it checked out later in the week,” the report also revealed. No specifics have been released at this stage, just as one would expect, but there should be more information in the coming days. The last time that he injured his collarbone was at the Grand Prix of Belgium in August last year.

Bas Vaessen enjoyed a consistent start to the current campaign two weeks ago, as he was fourteenth and thirteen in the two moves. Solid points were acquired with those results. This post will be updated as soon as more is known about his condition.

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Honda Pro Racing

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