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Injury List: San Diego

Just one round of Monster Energy Supercross has passed, but this list of injuries is already growing in size. Fortunately a majority of the injuries are minor, so just Trevor Reis will be out for a prolonged period, and we should see some of our heavy hitters back on track soon.

In for San Diego.

Cade Clason: An injured hand that was sustained whilst racing in Germany sidelined Cade Clason at the first of seventeen rounds, but he’s back! The competitive privateer will kick off his season in the 450SX class today. Clason actually started riding again a week and a half ago now.

Mike Alessi: It remains to be seen whether Mike Alessi will actually be able to compete in San Diego, following that horrific case at the opener. Alessi sustained no injuries in the incident, but described his condition as “really sore.”

Out of San Diego.

Trey Canard: There is often a casualty in the first practice session of the season and, unfortunately, this year was no different. Trey Canard sustained a minor rotator cuff tear at Anaheim 1 and will miss San Diego as a result, but the good news is that he’ll be ready to ride once the swelling goes down. No replacement rider will be hired by Red Bull KTM.


Trey Canard is set to miss the forty-first 450SX race of his career.

Sean Ogden

Chris Alldredge: It is no secret that Chris Alldredge has taken a soil sample or two in his short Monster Energy Supercross career, but to see him sidelined so soon into the season is still a surprise. Alldredge, who desperately needed to showcase some kind of potential this season, broke his collarbone on Tuesday and is out for the foreseeable future. Jon Ames has been drafted in as his replacement.

Nick Schmidt: There are no injuries to speak of here, but Nick Schmidt still won’t line up in San Diego. The popular privateer is racing the final round of the ADAC series in Germany, where he currently occupies the red plate, but will be back for Anaheim 2. Schmidt finished nineteenth in the main event at round one.

Justin Barcia: Oh, Justin Barcia! ’51’ desperately needed some kind of momentum in Monster Energy Supercross but, alas, he’s back on the sidelines and will be playing catch up again. Barcia injured his wrist a couple of weeks ago when his chain snapped, but will not require surgery. Jake Weimer will act as his replacement at the next three rounds.


Jake Weimer will continue to act as a replacement for Justin Barcia.

Sean Ogden

Trevor Reis: A shattered right heel and torn ACL were among the injuries that Trevor Reis sustained at Milestone before Christmas, so he’ll miss the entire Monster Energy Supercross season. “Such a bummer deal. Was trying to avoid another down rider and banged myself up pretty good,” Reis stated on social media.

Chase Sexton: It is safe to presume that Chase Sexton was going to race the 250SX East class anyway, seeing as he is a rookie, but a pair of broken wrists didn’t leave him with any choice. Neither wrist required surgery, so he is still expected to make the first round of that series in the middle of February.

Matt Bisceglia: Matt Bisceglia was initially down to contest the 250SX West class for JGR, but an ankle injury forced him to move over to the other coast. Phil Nicoletti, consequently, had to alter his programme and ensure that he would be ready for the first west round this weekend.

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Sean Ogden

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