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Injury List: MXGP of BEL 2

The previous round of the 2020 FIM Motocross World Championship was just a couple of days ago, yet three more riders have moved onto the sidelines since then. Twenty MXGP and MX2 guys are nursing injuries – the latest updates on each of those riders can be found below. If you have a specific question about someone, feel free to contact us on social media (motocrossvice on Twitter) and we’ll be happy to help. Hopefully the list will not  grow too much before the Grand Prix of Lommel on Sunday!

Out of MXGP of Limburg

Glenn Coldenhoff: An extremely scary crash has ended Glenn Coldenhoff’s season, unfortunately, but the good news is that he will make a full recovery. Coldenhoff fractured his T3 and T4 vertebrae, but is motivated to return to the same level next year.



Ray Archer

Mathys Boisrame: Mathys Boisrame has really been struggling with the repercussions of a concussion since September – the intense run of races has not helped the situation. Boisrame will now miss the rest of the season in an attempt to recover fully, ahead of the new season.

Henry Jacobi: A weird crash in time practice at the Monster Energy MXGP of Flanders left Henry Jacobi with a dislocated shoulder, which has effectively ended his season. Jacobi does not currently have a deal for next year and is unsure what the future holds.

Mitch Evans: Mitch Evans broke his wrist at the Grand Prix of Spain and underwent surgery in Milan last week – that is the end of his first term on Team HRC. Recovery time is tipped to be around six to eight weeks, so he should not miss too much time.

Mikkel Haarup: Mikkel Haarup fell in turn one at the Grand Prix of Citta di Mantova and injured his thumb, so it is likely that he’ll miss the remaining rounds. F&H will stick their two riders, rather than pull a fill-in rider in for their home Grand Prix.

Arminas Jasikonis: Arminas Jasikonis suffered serious injuries that left him in a medically-induced coma at the Grand Prix of Lombardia. The incredible news is that he is out of hospital and recovering well, with positive signs. The latest statement from Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing is here.

Alessandro Lupino: Alessandro Lupino tore the posterior tibial ligament in his knee, without even crashing, in the second moto at the Grand Prix of Lombardia. Lupino is going to return to racing for the final string of races at Pietramurata.

Jeffrey Herlings: Jeffrey Herlings fell in free practice at the MXGP of Citta di Faenza and broke his C1, C6 and T3. Herlings will not return this year, despite his back and neck being fully healed now, as he recently underwent surgery on a niggling foot injury that actually caused his crash.



Ray Archer

Thomas Covington: Thomas Covington is not injured – he is actually in a great place, mentally. Covington has officially retired from racing, effective immediately, so that is that. Gebben Van Venrooy Yamaha are focused on Calvin Vlaanderen this week, with Alessandro Lupino out too.

Jeremy Sydow: Jeremy Sydow broke his ankle without even crashing in his return to racing at Faenza 1 – all it took was twisting his foot in a rut. Sydow will miss the rest of the term, so Michael Sandner has been drafted in as his replacement at GASGAS.

Anton Gole: Anton Gole twisted his left foot at Faenza 1 and an x-ray at the track showed ligament damage, so he is out. There is also a bone splinter on the back of his heel – those injuries are going to rule him out of the rest of the season. Cornelius Toendel is his replacement at JWR.

Shaun Simpson: Shaun Simpson was already battered and bruised after a crash at the Grand Prix of Latvia, then another practice crash at Lommel in September left him with two broken thoracic vertebrae. No surgery is required on his back, but he will not return until 2021.

Benoit Paturel: Benoit Paturel had a nasty crash over the finish jump at the Grand Prix of Kegums, round five, and fractured his T12 vertebra – he also cracked his tailbone. Paturel is expected to be off of the bike for another couple of weeks, so Kyle Webster has been drafted in as his replacement at JM Honda Racing.

Simon Langenfelder: Simon Langenfelder was landed on in the first moto at Faenza 2 and suffered a lower leg injury, so he is out indefinitely. Diga Procross GASGAS Factory Juniors has pulled up a fill-in rider from EMX250, Isak Gifting, who is fairing well thus far.

Rene Hofer: Rene Hofer suffered a cruel blow at the Grand Prix of Riga, as a hard fall in the second moto left him with a broken left shoulder. The recovery time was tipped to be between two and three months initially, which means that his maiden term as an MX2 rider is over.



Ray Archer

Pauls Jonass: Pauls Jonass had a very hard crash in June, which resulted in some broken ribs and five broken spinous processes. Further evaluations revealed that some vertebrae were damaged too. Jonass is not back on a bike yet and will not return this year.

Kevin Strijbos: Kevin Strijbos had another surgery on his hip at the start of October, which means that his term has come to a premature end. It is unknown if he will compete in the 2021 FIM Motocross World Championship – his future is yet to be determined.

Iker Larranaga: Remember when Iker Larranaga crashed at Matterley Basin and fractured his T7, as well as some other injuries? Well, Larranaga recovered and then fell again a week before the Grand Prix of Latvia. The C2 vertebra was broken and needed emergency surgery. There is no timeline on his recovery, but 2020 is over.

Davy Pootjes: Davy Pootjes just cannot catch a break! A crash whilst training in France resulted in a broken forearm and immediate surgery. Pootjes has not actually raced since June in 2019 – there is no word on when he will be able to get back behind the gate either.

Wilson Todd: Wilson Todd sustained a hand injury at the Grand Prix of The Netherlands back in March, as well as a torn ACL and fractured tibia. Todd is back on a bike and has been testing in Italy, but is not expected to race until the Pietramurata triple header in November.

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Ray Archer


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