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Improved Performance for STR KTM in Maggiora

Maggiora, Italy 15-16 June 2013. The ninth round of the World Championship was held at the historic Maggiora venue in northern Italy and the natural hillside track proved to be an inspired choice by Youthstream – a hit with riders and spectators alike.

Qualifying Race

Barragan loved the track and after looking really quick in pre-qualifying he was soon in the mix in the qualifying race. After starting in 11th he moved through to 9th but clashed with Desalle and went down. After picking himself up he rode with great spirit, moving back up to 11th by the finish. Karro found it a bit harder to master the tough circuit but battled hard to take 17th.

Race 1

Karro made a good start in 11th but Barragan was down in 16th and after initially losing another position to Tommy Searle he stuck with the Brit and started to move through the field. His race was to last for only ten laps though, as he was forced to retire with a mechanical problem. After his good start, Karro improved still further, moving up to 9th on lap two and he rode superbly to stay on the tail of Boog in front, while maintaining the gap behind Simpson, Goncalves, Guarneri and Searle. He held firm for 13 laps before a small mistake cost him a couple of valuable seconds and that’s all it took for him to lose three positions. He was then left to fight for 12th place with Goncalves which he succeeded in doing, giving him a great result after such a short time back from his recent wrist injury.

Race 2

Barragan was out to make amends for his first race no score and made a good start in 12th and moved through to 11th on lap three. He looked like he meant business as he closed  in on Simpson in front but after making a couple of unsuccessful attempts to pass the Scot he tried winging around the outside on the long sweeping turn after the start only for Strijbos to sneak up the inside, leaving him in 12th rather than the 10th position he looked destined to take. This seemed to knock the stuffing out of him a bit and he lost his pace a little and with it another couple of positions. Karro, who started in 16th was pushing in the other direction and it wasn’t long before he was on the back of his teammate, however his wrist was starting to feel the effects of two tough races and he was struggling to hold on. The inevitable mistake wasn’t far off which cost him a couple of positions and he made the smart decision to settle for what he had and take the six points on offer for 15th, giving him 13th overall. Barragan managed to gain a couple of places back towards the end to take a hard-fought 12th, for 17th overall.

Jonathan Barragan said: “Feeling good all weekend but first the broken bike and in the second one, 12th is ok but nothing special, I feel more confident and stronger on the bike. We now have three GPs in a row, so I hope to take as many points as possible.”

Matiss Karro said: “This weekend was good, I enjoyed the track and my wrist was much better. I made a couple of mistakes and lost some positions but I had two solid races. Towards the end of the race, I could feel the wrist and needed to be careful so I slowed down.”

Team Manager, Steve Turner concluded: “This weekend was a big improvement on last week and could easily have been a great one for the team, but a bike problem with Jonathan in the first race cost him dear. In the second race, small things had a big effect on the final outcome, like losing a place to Stijbos while he was trying to pass Simpson meant Jonathan lost his forward momentum just when he was looking really fast and aggressive.”

“Matiss had an awesome first race and looked like he may hold 9th all the way to the flag but just one small error removed the gap he had hung onto for so long, however 12th was still a great result. In the second he didn’t start as well and was charging forward until his wrist started to weaken and he had to back off; he’s using his head more now and took the sensible decision to settle for 15th instead of pushing too hard and risking injuring himself.”

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