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How To Watch Houston SX, Schedule And Track Map

Details on how to watch the AMA Supercross from Houston for both international and U.S. viewers can be found here.

Words: Edward Stratmann/Press Release | Lead Image: Suzuki


The announcement of the SuperMotocross Video Pass for international viewers is great news for viewers outside of the U.S, with subscribers able to access Monster Energy Supercross, Pro Motocross and the season ending SuperMotocross all in the one package.

For further details on the platform keep reading, as the description underneath from the SMX website ( provides an in-depth outline of what’s included.

SuperMotocross Video Pass is the official, exclusive home to stream the 2023 Monster Energy Supercross Season, the 2023 AMA Pro Motocross Season, the two newly created SuperMotocross Playoffs and Finals. Don’t miss a minute of this newly developed 31 race, 10 month season package that allows fans unlimited access to view the world’s best off-road motorcycle athletes compete on the world’s biggest stage and all under one platform.

Below is what international fans, from any country all over the world, will get with the SuperMotocross Video Pass:

  • Live and on-demand access to stream the entire 17-round schedule of the Monster Energy AMA Supercross Championship, all 11 AMA Pro Motocross Championship events, plus the SuperMotocross World Championship Playoffs and Final.
  • All 31 rounds of the “Race Day Live” pre-show, giving fans insider access to everything happening from each 2023 race location, including qualifying, pre-race interviews and analysis, fantasy league suggestions and much more.
  • Race highlights from all 31 rounds.
  • Extra content & features like the 2023 SMX Season preview show, which will launch on January 1, 2023.
  • Extensive archives of previous seasons of both SX and MX.

The full season subscription is $159.99 USD (£135 roughly) for unlimited access to all that content for the 2023 season.


BROADCAST/STREAMING SCHEDULE: NBC Sports will have exclusive live coverage of races, qualifiers and heats for the record 31 events in SuperMotocross. The main events will be presented on Peacock, NBC, USA Network, CNBC, and NBC Sports digital platforms.

Peacock will become the home of the SuperMotocross World Championship series in 2023 with live coverage of all races, qualifying, and heats from January to October. There will be 23 races live streamed exclusively on Peacock, including a SuperMotocross World Championship Playoff event. The platform also will provide on-demand replays of every race.

EVENT SCHEDULE (all times CST): Here are the start times for Saturday, according to the Monster Energy Supercross schedule from the AMA:

Saturday, Feb 0401:05PM CSTS2250SX Group C Qualifying 1
Saturday, Feb 0401:20PM CSTS2250SX Group B Qualifying 1
Saturday, Feb 0401:35PM CSTS2250SX Group A Qualifying 1
Saturday, Feb 0401:50PM CSTS1450SX Group A Qualifying 1
Saturday, Feb 0402:05PM CSTS1450SX Group B Qualifying 1
Saturday, Feb 0402:20PM CSTS1450SX Group C Qualifying 1
Saturday, Feb 0402:30PM CSTSJKTM Junior Racing Practice 1
Saturday, Feb 0403:20PM CSTS2250SX Group C Qualifying 2
Saturday, Feb 0403:35PM CSTS2250SX Group B Qualifying 2
Saturday, Feb 0403:50PM CSTS2250SX Group A Qualifying 2
Saturday, Feb 0404:05PM CSTS1450SX Group A Qualifying 2
Saturday, Feb 0404:20PM CSTS1450SX Group B Qualifying 2
Saturday, Feb 0404:35PM CSTS1450SX Group C Qualifying 2
Saturday, Feb 0404:45PM CSTSJKTM Junior Racing Practice 2
Saturday, Feb 0407:06PM CSTS2250SX Heat 1
Saturday, Feb 0407:20PM CSTS2250SX Heat 2
Saturday, Feb 0407:34PM CSTS1450SX Heat 1
Saturday, Feb 0407:48PM CSTS1450SX Heat 2
Saturday, Feb 0408:02PM CSTSJKTM Junior Racing Main Event
Saturday, Feb 0408:22PM CSTS2250SX Last Chance Qualifier
Saturday, Feb 0408:33PM CSTS1450SX Last Chance Qualifier
Saturday, Feb 0408:53PM CSTS2250SX Main Event
Saturday, Feb 0409:27PM CSTS1450SX Main Event


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