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How To Watch: Daytona

MX Vice will be providing details on how to watch every single round of 2021 Monster Energy Supercross before each event. Here is the information on how to watch the ninth round in Daytona, Florida, on Saturday night. Got a specific question? Contact us on social media (that’s @motocrossvice on Twitter) and answers will be provided. Daytona will take place on Saturday, March 05.

  • Daytona, Florida, is five hours behind the UK, which obviously means that they are six hours behind those in mainland Europe. Adjust the schedule accordingly. Daytime qualifying begins at 16:30 in the UK and 17:30 in mainland Europe. The qualifying show begins at 18:00 and the race programme begins at 00:00 in the UK. The night show will end at 03:00am on Sunday morning in the UK, a slight improvement over last week.
  • Fans outside of the United States can watch Daytona live on This is the only way to watch the races, so signing up on that link is necessary. A pass to watch the entire season is $129.99 (USD). All of the races are saved on there once you have signed up, so you do not have to watch it live. You can watch the entire season whenever you want. Do not stress! Qualifying is also a part of that package.

Times will change for each round, so keep checking back to MX Vice throughout the season. This page will be updated if anything changes for Daytona – those are the key details though.

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Align With Us


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