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How-To: MX Vice Bambu

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Do you want to help MX Vice? Here is a way you can help us pay the bills and grow the platform, now we are independent and out in the big bad world alone.

Join our MX Vice crew. Literally!

We have a loyalty programme that we would like you to join. When we have some good content that we believe is valuable to you and your motocross friends then we will share this directly with you. Sharing our content helps MX Vice reach more people, this means that we become more attractive to potential advertisers and this in turn helps us to create content. Once you have signed up, connect Twitter and Facebook and every time you share our content you get awarded points and you go into a leaderboard. Each month we will reward people with goodies, offer competitions and hand out signed memorabilia.

Sign up by clicking HERE. Once you have signed up, follow our simple guide below to become familiar with the system and find out how to win prizes.

Step One

You will be presented with stories that you can choose to share once you have logged in, like what you can see below. Click on the story you would like to share.

Step Two

Once the story is selected it will show the story and all the social media icons that you can share too. For example click the Twitter icon.

Step Three

When you select Twitter you will be asked to log into your Twitter account where you will write in something like “Check out this story about Jorge Prado.” Press tweet after that.

Step Four

Click on the Facebook icon and then click continue to Facebook.

Step Five

Similar to Twitter, write a caption and click post to Facebook.

Step Six

Once the social-media platform has been completed the icons are replaced with a tick.

Step Seven

Click on reports, then leaderboard and there you have it! Each time you share it affects your position. The higher the position, the better shot you have at winning a prize! Enjoy, good luck and thank you!

Words: James Burfield | Lead Image: Ray Archer

MX Vice Editor || 25