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Honda Men Struggle In The German Heat

Honda World Motocross duo Evgeny Bobryshev and Max Nagl both found it tough going today at a hot and rough Lausitzring circuit in Germany to finish in a disappointing 13th and 14th overall for round 13 of the MX1 World Championship.

Bobryshev is known for finding the hotter conditions difficult, and after qualifying eighth yesterday, the 25-year-old Russian got to work this morning to improve his speed, which he found whilst also going fastest in warm-up.

A good start in the opening moto meant Bobryshev was battling at the sharp end of the field, and reached as high as fifth position aboard his Dunlop-shod factory CRF450R. Unfortunately mid-moto the Honda pilot began to overheat and dropped to ninth position by the chequered flag in the plus 30°C conditions.

Teammate Nagl, who is suffering with a stomach infection, claimed a fairly good start from sixth on the gate, before being pushed out in the first turn. From outside the top 15 he climbed his way back to 11th, but collided with Jeremy van Horebeek and went down. Remounting 17th Nagl managed to fight his way back to 12th by the chequered flag.

In the second moto Bobryshev had a storming start into fourth position, and settled in fifth after a pass from Ken de Dycker on lap five of the 35-minute plus two-lap moto. Unfortunately the heat affected the Honda racer once again and his pace dropped, before he pitted to be covered with cold water just to get him cool enough for him to complete the race. Bobryshev finished 14th for 13th overall.

Nagl gated into 10th and managed to get as high as eighth place, but he too found it impossible to deal with the hot weather and pitted for cold water over his body in the closing stages. He lost a lot of positions, but made two places back after being refreshed in the last few laps for 12th place and 14th overall.

The Grand Prix was won by Antonio Cairoli.

Evgeny Bobryshev #777: 13th overall

“Yesterday was tough, but we knew it would be hard today with the length of the races in those temperatures. I have problems in the heat, and so it just didn’t go to plan. In morning practice I was fastest, as I learned some areas where I could improve the time. I had a bad jump in the first race, got up to fifth, but then I started to overheat, so my lap time dropped off. On the last lap David (Philippaerts) was catching me, but as I tried to push, it went against me, because my body just felt so empty while feeling like I was going to pass out. I just had to finish. I had a good start in the second race, and the speed was okay, as I was with the front group. Ken passed me, and we stayed together for a long time with the same gap, but again at 30-minutes I was completely empty. I entered the pits to have some water put over my body to cool me down, but I lost a lot of places. I’m disappointed, as the speed was there for top five, but I just didn&rsqu o;t cope in the heat and after the race I was struggling to see straight or recover quickly. The track was rough today, so all I can hope is that next weekend is a little cooler and the track is more forgiving. I know it’s a point I need to improve, and I know everyone is frustrated, but I want to thank my team. We have to keep our heads up and keep moving forwards.”

Max Nagl #12: 14th overall

“It was a really difficult home GP for me. I expected more, and even with the sickness I have had in the last few weeks, I was feeling a lot better coming into the race. I know with the hot weather it was the same for everybody, but it was just so difficult. In the first heat I got a good jump off the start, although I was pushed out quite a bit in the first turn. I hit van Horebeek and crashed after a few laps, and although I made back some positions, the result wasn’t so good. My recovery for race two was actually okay, and in the start I was mid-pack. I couldn’t get to the front group, but I made a few good passes. Then I was just getting hotter and hotter, which made me so tired in my head. I knew the second moto would be tough, so I made a plan with my mechanic before the race that I’d come in and be covered with cold water to cool my body down, just so I could finish the moto if I felt too hot, as that’s better than not finishing the race. That’s what we did, and I managed to make a few passes in the last few laps, including van Horebeek, who was struggling too. If I hadn’t stopped I don’t think I would have finished; I know it’s not a good solution to pit in the race, but it was the best plan we could make to get some points. My body feels so tired, but I have to keep going and make the best of it.”

Paolo Martin: Honda World Motocross Team Owner

“This has certainly been a weekend to forget for us. We knew Max would find it hard with the stomach infection he has, but we were still aiming for top tens in each race for him. With Bobryshev we also knew it would be hard, because he doesn’t deal with the heat well, and we made preparations for this with riding in the week in hot conditions. Unfortunately in both races he demonstrated good speed, but lost the positions in the last few minutes. Both riders were really suffering at the end of the second moto with heatstroke, and neither of them thought they would actually finish the race, so we can be thankful that we at least came away with some points. We have to go back to the drawing board, as it isn’t acceptable for us to come away with these results, and despite all of the hard work, it doesn’t appear to be getting any easier. We will keep working for what we know we should be achieving.”

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