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Home round for Nagl in Lausitzring

The Honda World Motocross team is heading to a new track at Lausitzring in Germany this weekend for round 13 of the MX1 World Championship, which will be particularly special for racer Max Nagl, as it is his home Grand Prix.

Lausitzring is a track perhaps better known as a road race circuit, which was built in 2000, but this year a purpose built motocross facility has been prepared to host the German round of the series. Nagl has been battling illness in recent rounds, but the 25-year-old from Weilheim in Germany is determined to put the bad luck behind him and is looking forward to meeting his home fans this weekend.

Since the last round in Finland Nagl has undergone some medical tests and a further investigation into his stomach problems. An infection has been confirmed, and has been linked to stress due to the intense strain put on his body whilst racing at the highest level.

Unfortunately there is no treatment for his condition, but after a week resting and a weekend off, Nagl is feeling more refreshed ahead of his home race. In addition to that, Nagl has tested some new components on his Dunlop-shod factory CRF450R this week and is pleased with the outcome in preparation for the weekend.

Evgeny Bobryshev has been returning to form and has begun to find his consistency during recent races. The Russian star has been frustrated with the lack of preparation he’s been able to partake in due to a healing leg injury from earlier in the season. With his confidence low, it’s taken time to find his feet amongst the ultra-competitive MX1 class, but with some good physical and riding training this week, he too is looking for good results for the team.


Max Nagl #12:

“The last two weeks have been difficult. I just rested in the first week and I had a weekend off. This week we’ve been training twice and testing some different components to try and improve the starts, and the changes have been working well. Physically I feel better, but not 100%. I have had a camera in the stomach, and they found an infection, which means the stomach is working too much, and that’s what is giving me the pain. There’s nothing they can do, as it’s stress related, so we just have to wait until it improves. I feel a lot better after the testing, and after having a good break. I just want to make the best of it this weekend, and I hope to have some good races. The track looks pretty special, as I’ve seen some pictures, but I think it will be quite different from normal. It’s always special to be in front of the home fans. They can really help when you are tired and to keep you going, so I’m really looking for ward to meeting everyone this weekend.”

Evgeny Bobryshev #777:

“After the Finland GP I stayed at the family home and had a weekend off, which is important to refresh the mind. It’s given me a lot of motivation and I’ve been doing a really hard job in the week ready for the race. Lausitzring is new for everybody, and it looks interesting with a middle ground, with an almost supercross like layout. I can’t wait to get out there and ride it to see what we can do. I’ve done a lot of physical training and training on the bike. I can run again now, which is a first since breaking the leg, and that really helps with the fitness. Our goal is to be consistent and to be as close to the front as possible for the results, as it is important for me, the team and for Honda, especially in this last part of the season after such a tough year.”

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