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Highlights: Dakar Stage 8

Jose Ignacio Cornejo won the eighth stage of the 2021 Dakar Rally and said the following. “Today I came second behind my partner and friend Ricky and it has tough to catch him up. He was opening very fast and I finally caught him and we opened the track at a very good pace. Congratulations to Ricky because he did very well. The idea was not to win, but it was very difficult to keep the other riders in check behind as they were very far from us. Now, I’ve got a bit of an advantage over the second-placed rider overall but the times are still very tight, so we have to continue with the same concentration. We will try to finish the job well, tomorrow we will try to open as cleanly as we can, and drop as little time as possible.”

Video: Dakar | Lead Image: Honda Racing Corporation


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