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High 5 Zero hydration Drink gets a new flavour!

High5 has launched a refreshing Pink Grapefruit flavour of it’s best selling Zero hydration drink.

ZERO tabs produce a clean tasting and highly refreshing rehydration drink with zero calories and all key electrolytes including magnesium. ZERO contains light natural flavours with no artificial colours or preservatives.  ZERO X’treme, which is also available in new Pink Grapefruit, contains a high level of caffeine for an effective stimulant kick.

Tim Atkinson, development director at High5 said, “this is our best flavour yet. It’s light and refreshing but not too sweet making it perfect for sport. We’ve had so much positive feedback on ZERO overall. It provides fast hydration and lets athletes combat cramp and control their weight effectively.”

For weight management, researchers have recently shown that during exercise, drinking ZERO instead of a typical carbohydrate sports drink containing 6% carbs, 22 participants burned (on average) 41% more fat *

ZERO is great for anyone who wants to stay hydrated with a low calorie intake. It’s suitable for a wide range of sporting activities. For more information visit: or follow us on Facebook & Twitter.

*Independently tested: Faculty of Biomedical and Life Sciences, University of Glasgow. See for more info

About High5

High5 is a UK company focused on providing endurance nutrition that is scientifically formulated, 100% fit for purpose and with natural flavours for a great taste. We design, develop and manufacture our own products to ensure they represent state-of-the-art nutrition technology. High5 bars, gels and drinks fuel many of the world’s greatest power & endurance athletes in the toughest competitions. Whether you’re looking to boost your speed and endurance, break through a performance plateau, ramp up your energy levels, increase fat loss, improve your athletic performance or fuel post-workout recovery, you can count on High5 to deliver new and innovative products you can trust.

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