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Helping Out: MXN UK

2020 has been a particularly difficult term for event organisers. Not just in motocross or even sports, every person in that field has been hit very hard. The promoters of the Michelin MX Nationals are the first to step forward and actually ask fans for help though – a GoFundMe page was activated whilst the first round was being run at Hawkstone Park. The description on their page highlights that the promoters are “astonished” by the extra income that is needed to cover the medical requirements now, which sheds light on what the different promoters are dealing with. The amount that has been set as a goal is a whopping £25,000!

Would you step forward to help a series continue? What about the rest of the championships across Europe though? This is an interesting topic to discuss, as it really is uncharted territory. What is the correct way to handle these situations? The MX Nationals series is the first to take a step like this, but could it soon be the norm? Join the debate on social media (motocrossvice on Twitter) and, if you want to, donate to the series HERE.

Words: Lewis Phillips | Lead Image: Supplied


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