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Hawkstone park updates

Mx qualifying now starting here at Hawkstone MX park, MX Vice crew are here in force so keep an eye on the website for updates, interviews, and any other live news

Aubin quickest so far..  Irwin, Bradshaw, pocock Watson, ebb, Edmonds

Pocock goes fastest into the superpole, Aubin, Irwin, Bradshaw, Watson, ebb, Edmonds,Mack, lenoir, keet, booker, Hawkins,  follow him.

Pocock lays down a 2.16

Wow Aubin goes a second faster!!! 2Huh

Okfar here here’s the superpole results..

Aubin, pocock, Irwin,lenoir, ebb, Mack, Watson, booker, Bradshaw, keet, Edmonds, hawkins… Hawkins didn’t complete a lap… Pushed the bike back.

mX1 qualifying started..

1:S Simpsom 2: Strijbos 3: Pocock 4: Coutts 5: Whatley 6: Krestinov

Ok so now we have the big wheels out to qualify, with some top class riders – 5 mins till timed session to start.

So, on top spot at the moment is Webster with a 2.22

The rest as follows:

2: Yates 3: Featherstone 4: Eccles 5: Gilbert 6: Lewis 7: Hague 8: Houghton 9: Kellet 10: Keogh

Final Q results 1: Webster 2: Gilbert 3: Yates 4: Kellet 5: Featherstone 6: Eccles 7: Hague 8: Lewis 9: Keogh 10: Houghton

Mx 2 results  1: Pocock 2: Irwin 3: Aubin 4: Bradshaw 5: Cottrell 6: MacKenzie 7: Edmunds 8: Lenoir 9: Remmer 10: Tombs

EBB was leading and suffered engine failure

Mx1 under starters orders

Strijbos leading followed by Barr, Coutts, Simpson, Law, Parker…….heavens just opened up as well .

So with 7 mins + 2 laps to go we still have the same leader. Max Anstie has made his way up to 4 place

The track hasglad a watering anyway now the sun isbreaking through

Sword, Moffat and Skuse are out of the race……Strijbos stills leads by far, with Simpsonand Coutts behind

4: Anstie 5: Barr 6: Law 7: Whatley 8: Parker 9:,restinov 10: Dougan

Anstie pace is good. Now positioning 3rd place

Barr chasing Anstie with 1 lap to go…..

Final results 1: Strijbos 2: Simpson 3: Anstie 4: Barr 5: Coutts 6: Whatley 7: Krestinov 8: Law 9: Parker 10: Dougan 11: Rowson 12: A.Smith 13: Craig 14: Benstead 15: Bird 16: Potisek 17: Hutchinson 18 Rutherford 19: Waterman 20: Husband

Veterans turn next…..sun is back on!

2nd mx2 race about to start

EBB gets the holeshot

Lenoir crashed out and running in last place, EBB making somfor room for him self, booker crashes on the hill. Bradshaw trying to make a move on EBB. Pocock trying his hardest. Also Hawkins dNf

So with 10 mins into the race 1: EBB 2: Bradshaw 3: Aubin 4: sterry 5: Pocock 6: Dunn 7: Edmunds 8: Keet 9: Tombs 10: N Watson

Aubin pushing Bradshaw forsecond place

MacKenzie pulling in to pits, Booker dnf. Pocock moves up to 4th place

Dunn moves up to 5th place

Changes with 2 laps to go 1: Aubin 2: Bradshaw 3: EBB 4: Pocock 5: Dunn

Final results 1: Aubin 2: Bradshaw 3: EBB 4: Pocock 5: Dunn 6: Edmonds 7: Sterry 8: N. Watson 9: Remmer 10: Tombs 11: Ket 12: Walkley 13:  Irwin 14: Gregory 15: Burrows 16: Harwood 17: B Watson 18: Cottrell 19: Kelly 20: Strydom.

MX1 sighting lap taking place…..

Strijbos takes the lead, Anstie closely follows in 2nd, Simpson 3rd, Barr 4th, Coutts 5th, Potisek 6th, Law 7th,

Dougan down in 38th. Anstie is pushing hard for the lead….

Strijbos starting to make some room between him Anstie,

Top 10 1: Strijbos 2: Anstie 3: Simpson 4: Barr 5: Coutts 6: Potisek 7: Law 8: Parker 9: Snow 10: Rowson


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