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Hawkins Unstoppable At Premier Championship

Last Sunday round 8 of the Phoenix Tools Premier Motocross Championships took place at A and A Moto Parc, Nr Honiton which was the first time this venue had been used in the Championship. As usual every effort had been put into preparing the track by the Premier Mx team with water being put down prior to the meeting and during the meeting which was to produce some really fast and thrilling racing.

In the Phoenix Tools Expert Open class there were a few missing including second place rider in the Championship Shane Carless who trailed Luke Hawkins by just 3 points, so Hawkins was out to increase that lead. In the opening race it was Kelvin Townsend who had the best start from Luke Mellows who within half a lap passed Townsend to take the lead. Mellows had a clear track in front of him and started to ease away, but up in to 2nd by the end of lap 3 had come Hawkins who was soon to close in on Mellows and was to take over the lead passing Mellows over one of the jumps. Hawkins was in fine form and powered away at the front and was to go on to take the win, but there was a good battle going on for 2nd with James Dodd forcing his way pass Mellows on the last lap to take 2nd by a whisker. In moto 2 it was Hawkins this time with the best start from Townsend and Jake Shipton who was making a return to the Championship, but there were a few fallers at the first turn including John May and Mellows who were well down the field. Shipton was all over Townsend on the opening lap, desperate to get pass as he could see Hawkins easing away at the front, but it wasn’t until lap 2 that Shipton got the better of Townsend, but by this time Hawkins had a full 4 second lead which he was to increase lap by lap and was to go on to notch up another win. Shipton was to come under pressure from Dodd in the closing stages, but he held off not just one challenge but two on the last lap to hold on to take 2nd with Dodd a close 3rd. In the last moto it was Shipton who hit the front from the off from Dodd, with Hawkins there tucked in 3rd. Shipton was in a real hurry in this one and was pulling away all the time at the front from Dodd who gave his all on the opening lap to hold off Hawkins, but he left the door open on lap 2 on a lefthander and Hawkins shot through on the inside. It wasn’t long before Shipton could hear the sound of Hawkins bike and he was to dig in deep, but it wasn’t enough as Hawkins took over and from there went on untroubled to make it a hat trick of wins on the day, but more importantly he had increased his Championship lead.

In the Over 35 Championship class again there was some top class racing to be seen. In the opening race it was Championship leader Mark Wilde who shot in to the opening corner and took the early lead from Rick Hanson. These two were to ease away from the rest of the field and Wilde was gradually to get away from Hanson, but it all went wrong for Wilde on lap 3 when he stalled his bike and through went Hanson and Chris Brown who were later to have a real ding dong, but it was Hanson who eventually got the advantage and took the win. In moto 2 there was no Hanson as he was struggling with a back injury and it was Jamie Deadman who led from the off, but this was short lived as Wilde took over on lap 2 and Deadman was also passed on the same lap by Gavin Flagg who was to push Wilde all through the race, but just couldn’t give anymore and Wilde took the win by just over a second. In the last race there was no stopping Wilde once he got the better of Flagg on the opening lap who was to storm away to take yet another win with Flagg just holding off Brown to take 2nd.

In the over 40 Championship class it was Championship leader Steve Locke who led the opening race from Mark Roberts and looked set to take a comfortable win, but a mistake mid race saw Roberts take over at the front who went on to take the win from David Ford a close 2nd. In the second race it was Roberts who had the best start, but it wasn’t so good for Locke who went down on the first corner and had trouble restarting his bike and was totally last by some margin. Roberts seemed to be getting away, but a mistake on lap 2 saw him drop well down the field and it was now Jon Tarr who led from Wayne Gill who did catch Tarr at one stage, but as backmarkers came in to play Tarr got away and took the win. In the last moto it was a better start this time for Locke and he was to lead, but it just wasn’t his day as he went down again on lap 4 and it was Roberts who took over at the front, but this was short lived as Tarr got pass Roberts at half distance and from there went on to take the chequered flag.

In the over 50 Championship class it was Championship leader Keith Hanson who dominated the opening two races, but he didn’t get it all his own way in the last race as it was Ian Nott who was to shine and took the win.

In the Tyremarks Junior Championship class there was no stopping Welsh wiz kid and Championship leader Jay Thomas who put up a fine performance and took a hat trick of wins. Once Thomas hit the front in the opening race there was no looking back, but there was a good battle between Josh Taylor and Anthony Milliar with Taylor holding on to take 2nd. In the second moto Thomas hit the front from the off and was soon on a mission, but all eyes at half distance were on Ty Kellett who had taken a tumble on the opening lap and was 25th, but he was absolutely flying, lapping nigh on 3 seconds faster than anyone else and was to claw his way up through the field and in the end took a well deserved 3rd. In the last race again it was Thomas with the best start and was pulling away in no time, but this race was to see Kellett again not with the best of starts claw his way up through to have a real battle with Milliar who he eventually got pass to take second behind Thomas.

Report and Photo Dave Rich


Phoenix Tools Expert Open Championship Race 1

1st Luke Hawkins (450f Phoenix Tools Honda) 2nd James Dodd (450f TwoNineTwo/Burfield Creative/St Blazey Mx Honda) 3rd Luke Mellows (450f Meredith Mx Suzuki) 4th Jamie Skuse (450f Mx-Zone Suzuki) 5th Kelvin Townsend (450f Gibbs Performance/St Blazey Mx Suzuki) 6th John May (450f St Blazey Mx Suzuki)

Race 2

1st Hawkins 2nd Jake Shipton (450f Crescent Racing KTM) 3rd Dodd 4th Skuse 5th May 6th Townsend

Race 3

1st Hawkins 2nd Shipton 3rd Dodd 4th Brad Cavill (450f St Blazey Mx Honda) 5th Townsend 6th Loukas Maggio (250fPhoenix Tools Honda)

M D Racing Over 35’s Championship Race 1

1st Rick Hanson (450f Hansons Garage Suzuki) 2nd Chris Brown (450f One Industries Honda) 3rd Gavin Flagg (450f J A S Building Contractors Suzuki) 4th Mark Wilde (450f S J Hodder/D W Racing Suzuki) 5th Jason Fraser (450f Fraser Racing Honda) 6th Jamie Deadman (450f Compressed Air Systems Honda)

Race 2

1st Wilde 2nd Flagg 3rd Deadman 4th Fraser 5th Brown 6th Rob Lewis (350f Tony Maunders Racing KTM)

Race 3

1st Wilde 2nd Flagg 3rd Brown 4th Deadman 5th Fraser 6th Lewis

M D Racing Over 40’s Championship Race 1

1st Mark Roberts (450f Alan Roberts Garage Honda) 2nd David Ford (350f Projuice KTM) 3rd Jon Tarr (????) 4th Steve Locke (450f S J Hodder Honda) 5th Andy Annear (250 St Blazey Mx Husaberg) 6th Jason Roberts (450f Alan Roberts Garage Honda)

Race 2

1st Tarr 2nd Wayne Gill (250f Suzuki) 3rd D Ford 4th Locke 5th M Roberts 6th Anthony Worwood (????)

Race 3

1st Tarr 2nd M Roberts 3rd D Ford 4th Locke 5th J Roberts 6th Worwood

M D Racing Over 50’s Championship Race 1

1st Keith Hanson (450f Hansons Garage Honda) 2nd Ian Nott (450f S J Hodder/J R Racing Kawasaki) 3rd Tim Hawkins (450f DirtbikeXpress Honda) 4th Steve Chugg (450f Honda) 5th Paul Huggett (250f Define Lines Husq)

Race 2

1st Hanson 2nd Nott 3rd Hawkins 4th Chugg 5th Huggett

Race 3

1st Nott 2nd Hanson 3rd Hawkins 4th Chugg 5th Huggett

Tyremarks Junior Championship Race 1

1st Jay Thomas (250f K J Services KTM) 2nd Josh Taylor (450f Suzuki) 3rd Anthony Milliar (450f A T Motocross Honda) 4th Ty Kellett (450f S J Hodder/Rusty PT Kawasaki) 5th Ryan Williams (450f A T Motocross KTM) 6th Lewis Barfoot (250 Honda)

Race 2

1st Thomas 2nd Milliar 3rd Kellett 4th Barfoot 5th Williams 6thTaylor

Race 3

1st Thomas 2nd Kellett 3rd Milliar 4th Carl Dezis (250f Suzuki) 5th Christian Dicks (450f 1st Call Travel KTM) 6th Ross Churchill (250f Top Line Glass KTM)

Junior B Race 1

1st Graham Beale 2nd Dan Jones 3rd Paul Beale 4th Jack Smith 5th Michael Green 6th Ben Hooper

Race 2

1st Liam Horder 2nd Ed Lewis 3rd Jack Smith 4th Marc Ablitt 5th Grant Yerbury 6th Ben Brewer

Race 3

1st Tommy Dorran 2nd Jones 3rd Jack Griffiths 4th Green 5th Richard Grills 6th Luke Dewey

Junior C Race 1

1st Jake Warren 2nd Tom Barfoot 3rd Zak Watkins 4th Dan Budd 5th Tom Ware 6th Rose Wyatt

Race 2

1st Warren 2nd Barfoot 3rd Ware 4th Watkins 5th Budd 6th Tom Matthews

Race 3

1st Barfoot 2nd Watkins 3rd Matthews 4th Ware 5th Lewis Reeves 6th Budd


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