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Hawkins Extends Phoenix Tools Premier Championship Lead At Round 5

Last Sunday round 5 of the 2013 Phoenix Tools Premier Motocross Championships took place at Tiverton Moto Parc. The landowner had put in a lot of time and effort to prepare the track to perfection and even though it was a dull and drizzle day there was some top class racing seen by a moderate crowd.

In the Phoenix Tools Expert Open class it was Luke Hawkins on the Phoenix Tools Honda who went in to round 5 with a slender 9 points lead over the Oakleaf Kawasaki of Shane Carless, but in qualifying it was the Hill Power Racing Honda of Luke Hill who even though only did one lap before picking up a rear wheel puncture had notched up the quickest time and had first pick at the gate, but it was Luke Mellows on the Meredith Mx Suzuki who was back from injury who had a terrific start and had the early lead from Hawkins and Hill, but by the end of the opening lap, Hawkins had hit the front. Carless was well back in 7th, but was on a mission and powering his way through the field and by lap 4 was up in to 6th and pressing. Hill and John May who was back on a St Blazey Mx Suzuki had got pass Mellows and were having a real ding dong with May eventually moving in to 2nd after a mistake from Hill on lap 6. Mellows was back in to 3rd and now had the flying Welshman Carless in 4th breathing all over him which was to go on for several laps with Carless passing Mellows 3 laps later and now had his sights set on May who he gradually reeled in and was to get pass on the last lap, but it was Hawkins who took the win. In the second moto it was Carless from the off from Mellows, but not the best of starts for Hawkins who was well back. Carless was in overdrive at the front and was soon in to his rhythm and was pulling away all the time. By mid race there was a good tussle going on for 3rd between Mellows, May and Hawkins who was now in 5th and it wasn’t long before Hawkins got pass May then Mellows and was now in 2nd and did close on Carless in the closing stages, but it was too much to ask and Carless took the win. In the last moto it was Hawkins from the off in this one from Mellows and Carless with Hawkins this time in a hurry at the front and pulled out a fair lead by the end of lap 2. Carless was giving his all to get pass Mellows which went on for several laps with Carless eventually finding a gap on lap 5 but by this time Hawkins had a nine second lead, but this was hauled in by Carless and as they went in to the penultimate lap Carless was challenging, but Hawkins held strong for the remainder of the race to take the win and to increase his Championship lead to 12 points at the halfway stage in the series.

In the over 35 Championship class there was a few wildcard entries including a welcome return to racing for Chris Brown on board a One Industries Honda who had been out for well over 12 months through injury and he showed that he still had it. Championship leader Mark Wilde on the S J Hodder / D W Racing Suzuki again was in top form and was to increase his Championship lead after yet another hattrick of wins, but had to work hard in the second and third races to get pass Brown and Jamie Deadman.

In the over 40 Championship class again there were several wildcards and they don’t come much bigger than a past GP rider in the shape of Wayne Butt on a 250f TM who was on home soil who produced an excellent display of riding and took a well deserved hattrick of wins with Championship leader Steve Locke on the S J Hodder Honda taking maximum points as leading registered rider with a hattrick of 2nd’s, but the best performance of the day came from Mark Roberts on the Alan Roberts Garage Honda who showed his class from yesteryears finishing third in all 3 races.

In the over 50 Championship class the day yet again belonged to Championship leader Keith Hanson on the Hanson’s Garage Honda who even though took a nasty tumble and injured his side in the second race still dominated the proceedings with a hattrick of wins.

In the Tyremarks Junior Championship class there was some of the best racing seen this year with some really fast and exciting racing. It was Welshman 18 year old and Championship leader Jay Thomas on the K J Services KTM who had a blinding start in the opening race and powered away at the front, but was kept in sight by the Team Green Kawasaki UK Rider Todd Kellett who after the opening 4 laps caught Thomas and was challenging desperate to get pass which eventually came on the penultimate lap and was to go on to take the win from older brother Ty Kellett who took 2nd from Anthony Milliar after a last lap spill from Thomas who eventually finished 4th. In moto 2 Thomas again had the best start and didn’t waste anytime in getting away and was to lap some 6 seconds quicker than other riders on lap 3. Christian Dicks and Jack Stevens had a good battle mid race for 2nd and 3rd after Todd Kellett had gone down and it was Stevens who eventually got pass Dicks to take 2nd behind Thomas who took a comfortable win. The last race again saw Thomas dominate from the front and was to increase his Championship lead with another win with Ty Kellett taking 2nd, but there was a good

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