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Hawkins extends lead at Grittenham

Back on  Sunday 13th July the Phoenix Tools Premier Motocross Championship made its way back in to Wiltshire to Grittenham Moto Parc, Nr Royal Wootton Bassett for round 6 in the 10 round series. The track had been prepped nigh on to perfection and with mother nature coming in overnight to help and a couple of showers during the day it was to produce some high quality racing.

In the Phoenix Tools Expert Open class it was Alex Snow on the Phoenix Tools Rocket Honda who had set the fastest time in qualifying and had first pick of the gate, but this advantage was soon lost in the opening race as Snow got too much grip when the gate dropped and his front wheel lifted and he had to ease off the throttle and ended up mid pack going in to the first corner. Championship leader Luke Hawkins also on a Phoenix Tools Rocket Honda had the holeshot from the TwoNineTwo / Factory Touch / St Blazey Honda of James Dodd and Luke Dean on the Meredith Mx Suzuki. Hawkins was in a real hurry at the front and was to power away on the opening lap, the St Blazey Husqvarna of John May was now in 3rd having got the better of Dean and was soon to have Snow breathing all over him. Snow and May had a real tussle for a couple of laps before a slight mistake from May saw Snow go through who was soon to catch Dodd and was pressing for 2nd which he took on lap 5. Snow did close on Hawkins in the closing stages, but the deficit was too great and Hawkins took the win from Snow with Jamie Skuse on the Tony Maunders Racing Suzuki coming on strong in the latter part of the race to take 3rd.

In the second moto again it was Hawkins with the holeshot from the Oakleaf Kawasaki of Luke Mellows and Dean with Snow yet again with not the best of starts back in 10th. Hawkins really had the throttle wound back in this one and literally left the rest to battle it out as by the end of the opening lap he had a 3 second lead. Skuse was to get the better of Dean and Mellows in the early part of the race to move up in to 2nd with Kelvin Townsend following him through up in to 3rd. Snow was making good progress until he came up behind Dodd mid race who just wouldn’t give up his place and this turned in to a battle royal with virtually nothing between them. Hawkins was well gone at the front and was to take the chequered flag with Skuse a comfortable 2nd, but all eyes were on Dodd and Snow who were now up in to 3rd and 4th as they went in to the last lap. Snow really piled the pressure on Dodd desperate to get pass which he eventually did just 4 corners from the end when he slipped through on a fast right hander and got the inside line at the next corner to take 3rd.

In the last race this time there was no mishaps from Snow who kept out of trouble and took the holeshot from May with Hawkins there in 3rd. Snow was flying at the front but keeping with him was May who was thrilling the many spectators with some close racing for several laps until a slight mistake from May on lap 8 saw him drop back in to the clutches of Hawkins who didn’t take long to get pass, but he wasn’t going to catch Snow who took the win with May coming home a close 3rd.

In the Over 35 Championship class again there were many wildcard entries, but there was no stopping Championship leader Nick Life on the Gibbs Performance Yamaha. Just before the opening race the heavens were to open which made things a bit slippery to begin with, but that didn’t deture Championship leader Life who the holeshot and was soon on his way, but a rare mistake on the opening lap from Life saw him slip off and through into the lead came the Gibbs Performance KTM of Jamie Deadman, but this lead was short lived as Life had refocused and was to regain the lead and from there went on to take the win. In the second and 3rd Moto’s Life had the hole shots in both races and with a clear track in front of him was to storm away to the chequered flag untroubled to take yet another hat trick of wins to increase his Championship lead.

In the Over 40’s there was no stopping Championship leader Chris Brown on the TwoNineTwo / Factory Touch Honda who was to totally dominate all three races with a hat trick of wins just as Championship leader in the Over 50’s Mark Gleadhill did who also dominated all three races.

In the Tyremarks Junior Championship class it proved a good day for Championship leader Jack Stevens on the D S C Kawasaki even though he didn’t win any races, he was pretty consistant and was to take maximum points as leading registered rider. There were many wildcard entries including a welcome return to racing for Jordan Carter on the Stones Supplies Suzuki who showed his class in the opening 2 races, but in the last race it was Lewis Dowdeswell that was to denie Carter the hat trick of wins.


Phoenix Tools Expert Open Championship Race 1

1st Luke Hawkins (450f Phoenix Tools Rocket Honda) 2nd Alex Snow (450f Phoenix Tools Rocket Honda) 3rd Jamie Skuse (450f Tony Maunders Racing Suzuki) 4th Luke Dean (450f Bike Station / Meredith Mx Suzuki) 5th Tommy Alba (450f D S C Kawasaki) 6th James Dodd (450f TwoNineTwo / Factory Touch / St Blazey Honda)

Race 2

1st Hawkins 2nd Skuse 3rd Snow 4th Dodd 5th Kelvin Townsend (450f Phoenix Tools Honda) 6th Luke Mellows (450f Oakleaf Kawasaki)

Race 3

1st Snow 2nd Hawkins 3rd John May (350f St Blazey Husqvarna) 4th Skuse 5th Sunny Thompson (450f D S C Kawasaki) 6th Alba

M D Racing Over 35’s Championship Race 1

1st Nick Life (450f Gibbs Performance / St Blazey Yamaha) 2nd Jamie Deadman (450f Gibbs Performance KTM) 3rd Justin Gibbs (200 Gibbs Performance / Tyremarks KTM) 4th Scotty Williamson (450f Gibbs Performance / St Blazey Honda) 5th Stephen Elford (450f Gabriel Insulations Honda) 6th Michael Goldsworthy (250f Spotless Valeting KTM)

Race 2

1st Life 2nd Deadman 3rd Elford 4th Rob Lewis (350f Tony Maunders Racing KTM) 5th Shane Westlake (250f Honda) 6th Gibbs

Race 3

1st Life 2nd Deadman 3rd Elford 4th Lewis 5th Goldsworthy 6th Gibbs

M D Racing Over 40’s Championship Race 1

1st Chris Brown (450f TwoNineTwo/Factory Touch Honda) 2nd Steve Locke (450f S J Hodder Honda) 3rd Shaun Brooker (350f KTM) 4th Simon Bracey (????) 5th David Ford (350f Projuice KTM) 6th Jason Phillips (350f KTM)

Race 2

1st Brown 2nd Brooker 3rd Bracey 4th Richard Tapscott (450f Honda) 5th D Ford 6th Locke

Race 3

1st Brown 2nd Locke 3rd Bracey 4th Brooker 5th Tapscott 6th D Ford

M D Racing Over 50’s Championship Race 1

1st Mark Gleadhill (450f Honda) 2nd Kevin Plumley (125 KTM) 3rd Adrian Toy (150 KTM) 4th Steve Chugg (450f Honda) 5th Paul Huggett (250f Define Lines Suzuki)

Race 2

1st Gleadhill 2nd Plumley 3rd Chugg 4th Toy 5th Huggett

Race 3

1st Gleadhill 2nd Plumley 3rd Chugg 4th Toy 5th Huggett

Tyremarks Junior Championship Race 1

1st Jordan Carter (450f Stone Supplies Suzuki) 2nd Zac Alsop (????) 3rd Jack Stevens (450f D S C Kawasaki) 4th Lewis Barfoot (450f Yamaha) 5th Lewis Dowdeswell (????) 6th Jake Alsop (????)

Race 2

1st Carter 2nd Z Alsop 3rd Gary Brown (????) 4th Stevens 5th Jordan King (250 Apico Yamaha) 6th Dowdeswell

Race 3

1st Dowdeswell 2nd Carter 3rd Stevens 4th Barfoot 5th Josh Wyatt (250f Wyatt Fencing Kawasaki) 6th Brown

Junior B Race 1

1st Billy Lovegrove 2nd Ben Brewer 3rd Joel Worthington 4th Ben Bowden 5th Richard Grills 6th Scott Hooper

Race 2

1st Stuart Barfoot 2nd Grills 3rd Daniel Griffin 4th Bowden 5th Hooper 6th Lovegrove

Race 3

1st S Barfoot 2nd Lovegrove 3rd Lewis Hunt 4th Brewer 5th Griffin 6th Grills

Junior C Race 1

1st Alex Groves 2nd Tom Matthews 3rd Jack Jones 4th Lewis Reeves 5th Adam Addicott 6th Tom Barfoot

Race 2

1st Groves 2nd Matthews 3rd William Davis 4th T Barfoot 5th Jones 6th Ryan Spencer

Race 3

1st Groves 2nd Reeves 3rd Matthews 4th Davis 5th Spencer 6th Mark Tillyer

Words: Dave Rich

Image: Elliot Spencer

MX Vice Editor || 25

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