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Hard Fought Top Tens for Honda World Motocross

The Honda World Motocross team leaves Hyvinkää, Finland with eighth and ninth overall as Evgeny Bobryshev enjoys two incident free motos and Max Nagl overcomes illness, which nearly saw him sit out of proceedings, to be able complete both races for round 12 of the MX1 World Championship.

From fifth on the gate Bobryshev was lucky not to crash in the opening race of today, as another rider came across him going into the first turn at the tight, sandy, Finnish circuit. The Russian racer pushed hard in the opening laps, getting as high as fifth place, but found it tough to maintain a good rhythm mid-moto, and lost two places.

In the final stages Bobryshev was trying to re-pass Gautier Paulin, although lapped riders meant he couldn’t quite get close enough to make a move as he finished in seventh place aboard his Dunlop-shod factory CRF450R.

Nagl has been suffering with illness since the Latvia race last weekend, which has seen him falter with fatigue while riding and the team wasn’t confident he would be able to race today. The German racer gated outside the top ten, but impressively battled his way through with real grit, and engaged in a big battle with Rui Gonçalves from the middle of the race, with the duo switching places a number of times. Nagl put on a good fight throughout the moto to finish in ninth place.

In the second 35-minute plus two-lap moto both riders got a good jump off the gate, but in the second turn they lost a lot of positions to complete lap one with Nagl in 12th and teammate Bobryshev one place behind. The Honda pair were passed by Ken de Dycker on lap two, but as they found their rhythm, while Bobryshev passed Nagl on the third lap, they pulled each other through the race to finish in eighth and ninth positions at the chequered flag.

The overall was won by Antonio Cairoli.

Evgeny Bobryshev #777: 8th overall

“I was a little tired this morning in the warm-up, so maybe I didn’t recover so well from yesterday. My body started feel better for the race, but I had a bad start, as I nearly crashed by hitting (Jeremy) van Horebeek, because he spun sideways, so I was lucky. I had to fight really hard in the beginning, as the track is tight, so I was on the limit. I lost my rhythm in the first few laps, so I lost some ground, although in the end I was close to Paulin. I had a problem with a lapped rider while I was trying to attack, so I ended up stuck behind and I couldn’t try for a pass. In the second race I had a good jump before I slid a little bit and I lost some places. In the second corner I went inside with Max, but we both slid out, so many people passed us. I came from around 13th to eighth, and then I was stuck behind Rui. My rhythm was up and down, so I could fight for a few laps, but then I lost a little and so on. Max was behind me, and in the end we were held up by lapped riders, who didn’t respect the riders catching them, although I didn’t see many blue flags. The positive was that my foot felt good, so I can get back to the programme to try and improve again for the last few races. Thanks to all the guys, it was nice to have an incident free race with no crashes, and that’s given me some confidence.”

Max Nagl # 12: 9th overall
“I surprised myself today with the riding, because yesterday I was feeling so bad I didn’t think I’d be able to race. I thought that if I did ride then maybe it would be DNF’s and even the team spoke to me about stopping if I couldn’t concentrate properly or felt empty like before. In the first race my gate jump wasn’t so great, but I had a good first turn to make up a lot of positions. The riding was good and I finished ninth. I had a good gate jump in the second race with Antonio, but he was a little faster than me and he closed the door. I had to shut off and was far back, so in the turn I made a good line choice and almost passed the whole field. I was happy with the strategy and the riding was good. I followed Bobby; I couldn’t attack, but he was pulling me along, as I got tired in the race, so he helped me to continue. In the last two laps Bobby and I nearly crashed because of lappers making big mistakes. In the end we finished behind each other. I’m happy about the way it went, although this isn’t the result I want. I will be at the doctors tomorrow to check everything to find the problem, and then I need to rest to get healthy for Lausitzring. It’s important for me to do well there and put on a good show for my home fans.”

Paolo Martin: Honda World Motocross Team Manager
“It’s been a difficult day, but we have seen some improvements, especially in Max, as I didn’t think he’d be able to ride at that level with his physical condition. He now needs to have some blood tests to find the solution for the suspected infection he has in the stomach. Bobby rode well, but not the best. Some laps were good, and some not, so now we can work in the week to find the highest condition, as his foot is okay. It was good he had two races with no mistakes or crashes, and that’s important, but the speed isn’t high enough. We have some time now, so I hope in Germany we can have both riders in a better condition.”

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