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Happy men go fast!

Ok… I might upset some folk here, but I’m not too fussed, these are only opinions… and mine are mine, no one can take them away from me. Sure, they can contest them, but given that I am both stubborn and nonchalant, an argumentative endeavour could prove futile! Martin Barr… he is one bad dude on a bike! Now some of you may be sat there thinking, he rode like a tit on that crappy Kawasaki. Firstly I don’t believe a stock KX450F is crappy… I do believe though that you can quite easily make one crappy by assuming certain things about what a rider wants, then tailoring it to these imaginary criteria, what you end up with is, is most certainly not one of Savile rows finest wool suits… rather you end up donning a rev happy, hard as feck chav track suit… this will doubtless make a rider nervous… which leads me to my second point…

Martin riding like a tit… or rather, him not riding like a tit… once you have lurked around the paddock for a number of years, you get to realise something quite interesting. The top five riders, there’s nothing in it… they are all bloody fast, sure one may have a tad more motor, one may have more plush suspension, one may have the local track knowledge and one may be a tad fitter, but tit-for-tat they are all bloody fast dude’s right up to 80%… thing is, 80% won’t win races, 100% does, and at least 20% of a riders ability to win is in his own head…  so you go and give Marty a quirkily set up bike he’s not confident on, and its blown. You give Bry Mac the wrong thing for breakfast, or throw a towel at him, its blown… Give Dirty-Bit-Krestinov a bad night’s sleep and a grumpily toned “good morning” and it’s blown. You get the picture. To go the speeds these boys go you have to be completely happy with every last aspect of everything… any combination of atoms that even hint at colliding, within a riders little microcosm have to be ones that inspire confidence… otherwise you may as well resign yourself to staring longingly at the podium wishing it had four steps.

So my friends, the reason I’m telling you this??? If you’re anything like as average on a bike a me… and 80% of a pro-riders speed is still many a dream away… buy a KX450F, it’s more than good enough! (and no… I don’t work for Kawasaki). It comes down to how an individual gels with a bike and the team around them, if that’s a good fit they’re happier, which usually means they’re more relaxed and more confident in my opinion but what do I know about it all…. I’m not James Stewart!

Adam Hartwell

MX Vice Editor || 25


  1. Monda

    Good point and very true.Over the years certain problems have impaired the performance of the greatest and the average alike. The mental battle is the most important one to win. If you are oldish you will remember Marnicq Bervoets running away with the 250 title until something cracked and he watched it run in the other direction.
    All has to be in order for top performance. For me the likes of Roger D and Everts wispering in the ear of someone like Ken Roczen is like injecting nitrus oxide. All fears and negative thought are forgotten and the job in hand is all that matters.
    These days with huge financial stress racers have more to think about than ever which is why mental strength is king.

  2. niteshift

    See the difference between Bubba and Millsaps on the Yam. One of them was clearly not happy…can you guess which!

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