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GT Cup: 2018 Coverage

2018 will be the fifth year that MX Vice has supported the GT Cup in the UK. We became fans of the series from the start, because of how they tried to be different by rewarding the riders with prizes and offering a friendly atmosphere for riders and friends.

For me personally it offered a perfect compromise for club riders wanting to take the next step, which is something that is needed. The series is also a great stepping stone for riders to build confidence and try their luck at the BYN series; I would love to see these two series work together to provide that type of platform for British motocross. If you combine the passion and enthusiasm that Claudio has with the drive that Gareth has, it would undoubtedly make both series even more popular.

It is important to keep racing fun for riders and families and I believe this is what sets the GT Cup apart from other series. The GT Cup plays a huge part in the lifecycle of motocross, but even more so this year with the return of Goldentyre helping to supplement number boards and entry fees. We all know this is a very expensive sport, more expensive than it needs to be, and I feel families are unfortunately pressured to buy big expensive motorhomes and run two bikes. An old caravan, tent or an affordable van conversion could suffice though.

The most important thing is you have a very short period as a family being together and enjoying weekends at motocross. Take a little pressure off yourselves and your kids and try out the GT Cup, as they are going about it the right way. Are you on the fence about where to spend your hard-earned money next year? Give Claudio and his team a shout to have fun as a family, but without your child’s confidence being smashed each weekend. Let’s get back to having some fun at motocross.

We want to do everything we can to see the GT Cup be a success, as well as affordable, so would like to do our part to help support those involved. The best way for us to do this is to expand the experience for advertisers and partners of the GT Cup. We’ll offer the first six people who sign up three months of free advertising (until December 31st) on, which is worth £1200.

Words: James Burfield | Lead Image: Goldentyre

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