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Gordon Crockard..What a god damn legend.

We caught up with Gordon on his return to the British Championship at Langrish. For those of you who have not met Gordon he really is the nicest guy you’ll ever meet and represents everything great about the sport we love.

Gordon had a great race with Ryno at Farleigh until the clutch perch of his 500 decided to have a mind of its own, which was a real shame for us fans who were witnessing an awesome race. I would love to see Gordon back in the British Motocross Championship for 2013, for the moment though we can watch him at Little Silver in October at the last round.

Apologies for the audio being a little quiet we have some issue with the mic.

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  1. malbtmx

    Bumped into GC Josh & Justin at the Foos, they were certainly enjoying the show< glad to see the big lad back in MAXXIS, could still win it if he put his mind to it, look at Josh Coppins in GP's!!!

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