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Good starting positions for Boog and Gonçalves in Thailand

he second GP of the season is being raced on the sandy track of Si Racha in Thailand this weekend. The qualifying day was paused by a heavy rain this morning, yet the high temperatures dried the track well for the afternoon qualifications. Both ICE1Racing riders have good starting positions for tomorrow’s moto – Xavier Boogfinished fifth and Rui Gonçalves eighth in today’s qualifying race.

The second round of GPs is being raced this weekend yet in another new venue for the cirquit in Si Racha, Thailand. The humid conditions with daytime highs in high thirties make the fairly soft track challenging for the riders. To top that the qualification day was paused by a heavy rain, which wore off the track.
“Even though the track was soaked by the downfall, the high temperatures dried it off fast. By the time the MX1 qualifying practice was on, the track was still wet, but we were able to get the feel of the track and the riders were satisfied with the settings”, described the team manager Antti Pyrhönenthe conditions.

The qualifying race in the afternoon was raced in top conditions.

“We were happy with the starts in Qatar and we were able to carry on here, Xavier was second and Rui fifth. Both riders lost a few positions, but managed to ride on their own level of riding today”, continued Pyrhönen.

“We are happy for the day. The bike is proven to be strong in the starts, which is also very satisfying, so we feel confident and hope tomorrow brings strong, solid motos for our riders”, summed Pyrhönen.


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