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Gonçalves Tenth In The Home GP

The home GP of Rui Gonçalves in Agueda kept the home favorite in top ten. Arm pump colored the first moto, yet the finish was satisfying ninth. Start of the second moto pulled Gonçalves out of the top ten and he finished eleventh. In the World Championship classification Gonçalves is currently eighth.

he sixth GP of the season was raced on the red clay track of Agueda in Portugal today. The track had been watered thoroughly overnight due to its’ very dry and hard condition, after which the riders were faced with ruts and perms that colored the race results.

ICE1Racing rider Rui Gonçalvesentered his home GP with high hopes:

“This weekend was not an easy one. My expectations were different than the outcome and of course I am disappointed that I wasn’t able to give a better result for my home crowd”, summed Gonçalves after the race.

“I try get better from race to race and since we started so good, I’m sure that we will be back on track again, even though the result wasn’t what I would have wanted this weekend. I am very fortunate to have my team fighting with me. We discuss the race together and find solutions together and the feeling is very good – we push towards the same direction”, concluded Gonçalves.

Gonçalves has struggled with arm pump problems in the first motos of the Euro GPs this spring. He missed some of the training on the bike due to his hand injury just before the season start and this seems to have caused an unpleasant cycle. Today Gonçalves was able to fight seemingly better even though he was facing the same problem.

“My first start was good and I was even able to gain a few places during the first round. When half of the moto was done, I started to loose my rhythm due to arm pump, so I simply sat back a little bit and didn’t flight so hard against it this time. Naturally I lost a few places, but I wanted to see if it was easier to get back to the rhythm by controlling the problem in stead of trying to ignore it. And considering all it seemed to work and I was able to finish ninth”, explained Gonçalves.

“The problem Rui has been facing is typical in motocross, so together we have found a tactic how to deal with it. He had the best warm up of the season today, which made his first moto easier and he was able to finish strong ninth”, commented team manager Antti Pyrhönen of the situation.

Gautier Paulin FRA (Kawasaki) won the first moto, second was Clement Desalle BEL (Suzuki) and third due to last round crash was Antonio Cairoli ITA (KTM).

The start of the second moto wasn’t good for Gonçalves who usually has been very strong in the starts. He fell behind to the twelfth position, which he was able to keep all through the moto up until the last round when he passed Tanel Leok EST (Honda)and finished eleventh.

“The second moto was a very compact. Rui had a solid race and good riding on his level, the result was simply affected by the bad start,” summed Pyrhönen.

Antonio Cairoli ITA (KTM) won the second moto, Gautier Paulin sealed the GP to his name with the second place of the second moto and Ken de DyckerBEL (KTM) rose to the podium on the last round after Clement Desalle BEL (Suzuki) crashed.

Antinio Cairoli ITA (KTM) keeps the lead of the World Championship classification with 280 points, Gautier Paulin is second with 242 points and Clement Desalle is third with 227 points. Rui Gonçalves is eighth with 131 points and Xavier Boog, who is forced to stand by for one more race, is fourteenth with 90 points.

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