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Gonçalves stands by Uddevalla

ICE1Racing rider Rui Gonçalves is forced to stand by the GP in Uddevalla, Sweden this weekend. Gonçalves went through a small operation to his right knee on Wednesday and can not attend the race due to an infection in his knee. Gonçalves is expected to return to GP in Kegums, Latvia in one week.
ICE1Racing rider Rui Gonçalveshurt his right knee in a crash in Ernée three weeks ago. In the examinations after the race was discovered contusion in bone together with a small shifting of the anchor piece placed in the 2008 ACL operation.

In Maggiora Gonçalves was forced to ride with cortisone injections due to pain. Since the pain remained after letting the knee heal for a week after Italy, he went under more examination this week and the decision was made to remove the anchor piece this Wednesday.

“The operation went well and the knee feels much better. The knee was cleaned at the same time, which should take the irritation away”, commented relieved Gonçalves.

Yet, in the post examinations after the operation this morning an infection was discovered and Gonçalves is forced to stand by the next GP in Uddevalla, Sweden this weekend.

“I have to take it easy this weekend and let the antibiotics do their work. The doctor will examine the knee again on next Thursday, after which he will make the decision if I can enter Kegums or not”, summed Gonçalves.


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