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Gonçalves Stands By Two Weeks With Fractured Spinous Process C6

ICE1Racing rider Rui Gonçalves faced a severe crash yesterday during the first moto in Lausitzring. Gonçalves hit his head and neck heavily in the landing and was taken to hospital for detailed examination. Today he visited sport specialist in Belgium and since the crash had potential for much worse, luckily the news was comforting as Gonçalves suffered only fractured spinous process C6. Gonçalves will stand by for two weeks up until further scans will be made.
The Lausitzring GP bore more bad news for the team ICE1Racing yesterday as the Portuguese rider Rui Gonçalves faced a severe crash during the first moto. Gonçalves, who suddenly lost the balance of his bike as it hit sideways on the breaking banks, was thrown off his bike and landed heavily on his head and neck. Gonçalves was immediately taken to the hospital for detailed examination.

“The examinations today at the sport specialist in Belgium confirmed what was discovered yesterday after the race – fractured spinous process C6”, summed Gonçalves aften the examinations.

Spinous process fracture management is usually conservative and in Gonçalves’ case surgery is not required. He needs to wear a cervical collar now for two weeks, after which he will have further scans to provide more information of the healing.

“I’m so happy that I was this lucky. The crash had potential for much worse, and to be able to walk away with a neck brace and rest is very fortunate”, commented relieved Gonçalves and continued

“I want to come back to this season.”

“This is naturally a very unfortunate setback and along with Rui the team feels his disappointment. His season has been shadowed by small injuries which have affected his race performance, and as he was finally on the path of improving his game and was riding his best moto of the season, then this happens. Nevertheless the team feels very relieved for him, since crashes this big can leave much bigger marks. Rui is very lucky”, commented team manager Antti Pyrhönen.

“This is the drawback of motocross. We wish Rui a speedy recovery and as soon as he is back to his 100% we can plan the rest of his season”, continued Pyrhönen.

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