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Gonçalves’ Holeshot Spoiled By A Crash

The thirteenth GP foreshadowed ICE1Racing team’s race day in Lausitzring. Rui Gonçalves started the first moto very strong by taking the holeshot. Gonçalves was riding with good speed and stamina as he crashed after 27 minutes. He was forced to retire for the day after hitting his head heavily in the crash.
Thirteenth GP in Lausitzring was raced today in very hot conditions. ICE1Racing rider Rui Gonçalves went to the race day very with great confidence and started the first moto with best possible way by taking the holeshot.

“Rui had a great start and his riding looked very good today. He was fifth and gaining speed as he crashed heavily after 27 minutes”, summed the team manager Antti Pyrhönen the unfortunate events of the day.

“I felt good up until suddenly the bike hit sideways on the breaking bumps and threw me off from the bike”, commented Gonçalves on the cause for the crash.

“Rui landed the crash on his head and neck heavily. He is being examined carefully, but he will not start for the second moto”, commented Pyrhönen in between the motos.

Further information of the condition of Rui Gonçalves will be posted as soon as it is available.

“The crash is very unfortunate, I feel for Rui and for the whole team for that matter. This is the drawback of motocross”, summed Pyrhönen.

Clement Desalle BEL (Suzuki) won the first moto, Antonio Cairoli ITA (KTM) was second and Tommy SearleGBR (Kawasaki) was third. Cairoli won the second moto, Desalle was second and Ken de DyckerBEL (KTM) was third. Cairoli takes the GP victory, Desalle was second and de Dycker was third.

Antonio Cairoli leads the championship race, Gonçalves is still ninth with 230 points and Boog is fifteenth with 173 points in the overall classification of the championship.

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