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Get your shot on a 2013 KXF for free!

The first of two free Kawasaki MX Try-Out days takes place this coming Saturday, 13 October, at Cusses Gorse, with registration between 08.00 and 08.30.

The Wiltshire event will be followed by another at FatCat Motoparc near Doncaster, Yorks, on 20 October.

Offering current riders of any make of MX bike a unique opportunity to try the new Kawasaki machinery in ideal conditions, the days have created a wave of interest with each day delivering benefits to those who already have a 2013 Kawasaki off-road competition machine, riders of other Kawasaki MX bikes or any make of motocross machine.

“At each venue we will be offering the owners of 2013 Kawasaki machines the chance to bring their KX along and take advantage of free set up advice from Kawasaki UK technical staff and actual Kawasaki team mechanics”, comments Ross Burridge of Kawasaki Motors UK.

“One of the great plusses is that owners of any make of motocross machine can get a really special chance to ride our latest bikes, meet our top teams and riders and get a proper feeling for the Team Green spirit.”

In addition to the riding experiences, each day also features other highlights including the chance for youngsters to find out all about off-road sport courtesy of Chiltern Young Riders, widely recognised as being experts in the field of youth MX mentoring.

Concluding, Burridge explained how simple the smoothly the booking process has allowed the greatest number of riders possible to come along to the events.

“We’ve arranged for a Pro rider demo race to take place during the lunch break at each venue as well as ensuring  that those that attend get as much track time as possible.

All people had to do is go to and fill in the on-line registration form, stating which event they want to attend, then bring along their 2013 KX machine or all the safety kit required to ride an off-road bike if they don’t already have one of our new racers”


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